In Memory of Matthew

In Memory of Matthew

by Bob Olson

(This poem was written by the author when he was a teenager. He wrote it for the parents of a five-year-old boy who was killed by a car when he crossed the street. The mother said it was her saving grace – she read it ten times a day.)

Many happy times we shared,
Your smile will never leave me.
That smirk of love that showed you cared,
Was there whenever need be.

You brought to me five gifted years,
And now I long to hold you.
I think of you and drown in tears,
Because I know I told you…

“Please be careful, please go slow,
Do ‘not’ run in the street.”
But you so young, how could you know,
The danger you would meet.

They say don’t cry, be brave, be strong,
But they don’t know my sorrow.
Life seems unfair, so mean, so wrong,
How will I face tomorrow?

For you, my son, filled every day,
With sunshine, love and kindness.
Those memories now pave my way,
Through the shadows of my blindness.

You know that I am grateful,
God blessed my life with thee;
And now that you are ready,
You shall spend the rest with He.

I know it’s right that you so nice
Should rise through heaven’s gate,
And even if you “had” looked twice,
There’s no-escaping God’s planned fate.

I understand you’re with Him now,
And joy is yours forever.
He sent us you to teach us how
To take life lightly never.

And now I’ve learned,
And you shall see,
How all you taught
Will better me.

 As you would want, life will go on,
But not without your spirit.
With you in mind, I’ll rise each dawn,
With a smile like you would wear it.

And one day too will I be blessed,
To rejoice with God as you do.
And on that day my prayers will rest,
To rejoin with you, my Matthew.