Unlock The Mystery Of Your Life’s Journey With Messages From The Masters

Unlock The Mystery Of Your Life’s Journey With Messages From The Masters

by Bob Olson

Spiritual Insight To Change Your Life With Psychic, Spiritual Teacher & Channel for Healing, Laura Scott

I haven’t written an article about a psychic medium in a long time because my standards for what makes a medium exceptional have increased so much that only the very top spirit messengers now impress me. In fact, my yardstick for measuring the gifted abilities of psychic mediums has even outgrown some mediums I once thought were good. Yet, every so often a new medium comes along who exceeds my expectations and recharges my enthusiasm for mediumship. This article is about one such psychic medium who impressed me so much that my yardstick is now higher than ever.

In my book, Medium Rare, I talk about something called a “knowing.” Basically, it is the stage beyond the “belief” stage where one has obtained enough evidential experience toknow that we survive death. The benefits of knowing are life changing. However, since writing that book, I have asked myself, “If psychic mediums allow us to become knowers, what type of spiritual practitioner assists us in going beyond knowing—to a greater depth of spiritual enlightenment?” I believe I have finally found the answer in a woman who recently reminded me of how magnificent a private reading can be. Her name is Laura Scott.

I have had the unique privilege of having over 100 readings with gifted psychic mediums from around the world. Some are good, some not so good, and some are so incredibly powerful that I find myself bubbling over with excitement for days after my reading with them. My reading with Laura Scott was exactly this phenomenal.

Part of what made my reading with Laura so special is her ability to “channel” spirit in addition to her mediumship. Mediumship is straight spirit communication where the psychic medium acts as a messenger between the spirit and the sitter (the person getting the reading). Channeling is where Laura actually allows the spirit to take over her body while she steps back into the depths of an even deeper trance. In this case, the spirit communicates with the sitter directly using the channel’s body and voice.

Most mediumship readings do not generally communicate wisdom from spiritual masters, ascended beings or advanced spirits from heaven. There are exceptions to every rule, as when our spirit-guides offer advice through a medium, but most readings with mediums focus on communication with our deceased loved-ones. Just watch John Edward on his TV show, Crossing Over With John Edward, and what you will see are straightforward messages from deceased loved-ones that provide evidence of an afterlife—not messages conveying universal wisdom. Channeling, on the other hand, usually does bring forth messages of wisdom from higher-level beings. And this is why channeled readings can stimulate a new level of soul growth.

Each gifted ability—mediumship and channeling—have their purpose and unique benefits. Neither is more important or impressive than the other. A reading with a psychic medium provides us with invaluable evidence that we survive death, that our deceased loved-ones still exist (although not physically), and that our loved-ones in spirit are watching over us from the other side. Until we have a “knowing” that this is true, we cannot fully gain from the channeled messages of advanced spiritual beings. Our remaining skepticism, however minuscule, will impede us from the full benefit of it. But once we have a knowing, Laura Scott’s mixture of mediumship and channeling can help us reach a new level of enlightenment.

Channeling requires so much trust between the channel and the spirit that most channels do not allow just any spirit to enter their body. Most channels establish a rapport with one, or at most a few, spirits who are given exclusive permission to enter their body. Laura works with a group of ascended beings known as The Committee. The Committee communicates both “to” Laura (as a psychic medium) and “through” Laura (as a channel) to offer insight and understanding for our soul growth. Although The Committee is agroup of enlightened beings, they act as one in their service with Laura.

Laura’s voice changes when she goes deeper into trance to allow The Committee to speak through her. For lack of a better way of describing it, the voice sounded to me like a male figure with a high-pitched Irish brogue— that’s my experience, not Laura’s. As Laura channeled The Committee through, I felt honored and grateful to be in the presence of these Masters. And they had me pegged in their advice to me, knowing my personal issues and struggles as if they could see inside my head. Their counsel was accurate, helpful and remarkably perceptive.

I write my articles about psychic mediums for two reasons: One, I want to tell you about the most gifted psychic mediums whom I have met so that you will not fall into the hands of phonies and frauds. And two, I want you to be able to choose which medium best fits your individual needs and personality. My explanation above about what makes Laura Scott special is in no way intended to diminish the value and benefit of other psychic mediums about whom I have written. It is to point out what is unique about Laura’s gifted abilities so that you can choose if she is the right spiritual practitioner for you.

Laura Scott is psychic medium and channel with an unusually sweet voice that will immediately make you feel at peace. Her intent in her work is pure and she has proven to me to be a woman with high integrity. She also refers to herself as a healer, not a hands-on healer who heals you from the outside in, but rather a healer who assists you in healing yourself from the inside out. She does this by providing you with discerning messages from your spirit guides and The Committee.

While I obviously have a glowing review of my reading with Laura, I also must explain the proper timing for such a reading. A typical reading with Laura is best for people who have already overcome their skepticism about spirit communication and are looking for something beyond messages that primarily provide evidence of an afterlife. Laura’s readings assume that you are already what I call a “knower,” perhaps due to previous experience with a psychic medium or your own private sacred experience. Laura begins with this assumption so that she can better utilize your reading time with messages of guidance and advice.

If you are wondering if psychic mediums are real and you are not yet convinced that your deceased loved-ones are presently watching over you from the spirit world—or if you are seeking communication with someone who has passed on—then what you need is a private reading with one of the other extraordinary mediums I recommend. But if you are seeking a reading that will bring forth a new depth of insight to help stretch your spiritual growth—with messages that reach into the very core of your being and touch upon some issues that you may have been avoiding—then you are the perfect candidate for a reading with Laura Scott.

Call Laura at (Toll Free) 1-866-897-1504 to make an appointment, prepare yourself with important questions for your spirit-guides and The Committee, and get ready for an hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey. Laura gives readings by phone with people all over the world. Tell her Bob Olson sent you.

Laura Scott is the author of a wonderful new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Divining The Future. Laura Scott: (Toll Free) 1-866-897-1504, www.ancientstardust.com