Is It Wrong To Pray For Perfection In Our Lives?

Is It Wrong To Pray For Perfection In Our Lives?

by Bob Olson

Is it wrong to pray for perfection in our lives? I keep asking myself this question and life keeps handing me the same answer: It’s okay to pray for perfection, but it’s more empowering to “trust” that there is some Higher Power orchestrating life; and whether we know it or not, life already IS perfect.

That sounds like a nice concept when the forecast regarding my health, relationships and career is sunny and warm; but when it feels as though a dark cloud is following me around, it becomes difficult to envision “perfection” in God’s plan. So sometimes I begin to question if this Bush-Gore election fiasco, or some world crisis, is taking all of God’s time and He doesn’t have any left to focus on little old me. Certainly Presidents and celebrities must come first in God’s hierarchy of attention. Or maybe the world has become so overpopulated that God’s simply overburdened, and instead of striving for “perfection,” He now just aims at “good enough.”

Last week my sister-in-law’s cat disappeared for a few days. Now this is a big crisis in my wife, Melissa’s, side of the family—these people love their cats. I keep hoping that my next life be will as a cat belonging to her side of the family. Anyway, Melissa asked me to pray for the cat to come home. To tell you the truth, I hated to use up a good prayer on a cat that was probably being pampered and fed by some sweet neighbor; but I prayed just the same—Melissa doesn’t ask me for much, and I know I used one of her prayers when I thought there was an oil leak in my car. So I got into a meditative state and did some serious praying.

The most amazing thing happened while I prayed to God to bring the cat home—I think I got reprimanded! The message that adamantly filled my mind was this: “Bob, do you think that I don’t know what I’m doing? Do you really think that this missing cat is just some random meaningless occurrence? Or is it possible that there is a lesson in this for your sister-in-law or nieces, perhaps in preparation for some greater loss?”

The message went on for a bit longer, but that was the gist of it. When I stopped praying, I kind of felt bad for my obvious lack of faith. I guess I need to believe that life is exactly as it is supposed to be. I need to trust that it’s perfect even if I don’t see the meaning behind it all.

As expected, the cat was found the next day. A nearby neighbor was pampering and feeding it while assuming the cat was lost and homeless. Go figure. Now I’m one prayer short but a whole lot wiser. My only regret is not asking about that knocking sound in my wheel while I still had God on the line. Maybe I’ll ask Melissa to pray for the knocking to stop.