Former Catholic Nun Communicates With Deceased Loved Ones: Discovering The Extraordinary Mediumship Of Janet Nohavec

Former Catholic Nun Communicates With Deceased Loved Ones: Discovering The Extraordinary Mediumship Of Janet Nohavec

by Bob Olson

If you are new to Magazine, or, you might already know that I am the founder and editor of Magazine and the two above-mentioned websites, but you probably do not know that I have also researched spirit communication, near-death experience, after-death communication and spiritual regression for approximately seven years. And I have been writing about my best experiences with practitioners in these fields to help guide people like you toward “genuine and legitimate” practitioners, and away from phonies, frauds and scam artists.

This article is one of a series I have written to introduce to you, and the millions of other visitors to my websites, to the genuine and legitimate psychic mediums I have discovered during my, now, seven-year research into psychic mediums and the afterlife. I began researching mediumship in January 1999, and I’ve now had readings from hundreds of mediums around the world, giving me the unique opportunity to compare the “exceptional” from the “good” from the “fair” from the “poor.” Today, after experiencing readings from the best of the best, my standards for getting onto my list are so high that very few people are eligible. This article is about one of the exceptional readings I’ve had, which is why this psychic medium is now on my list.

I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of “Thank you” emails from people around the world who have tested these practitioners for themselves and have had life-changing experiences as a result. However, I’ve only added one new psychic medium to my “Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums List” in the last four years, so you can imagine how happy I was to recently discover another worthy candidate. Plus, there is something that makes this spirit messenger so unique that I think you’re going to be as excited as I am. This psychic medium was once a Catholic nun.


Naturally, you don’t have to be Catholic to get a reading from Janet Nohavec. Anyone, with a background in any religion, will benefit from her gift of spirit communication. I’m merely thrilled to introduce this gifted medium to the millions of Catholics around the world because I was raised Catholic, and I, therefore, recognize that many Catholics are hesitant to try anything new when it borders on the spiritual, and that includes mediumship. Having grown up Catholic myself, I recognize how comforting it would be to get a reading from a former nun, especially if you are new to spirit communication. Who could possibly better understand your apprehension, skepticism or fear than a former nun or priest?

When I first learned about mediumship, I—like so many others—wondered what the official word was on spirit communication in the Catholic Church. So I did my own, unofficial poll whenever I came in contact with a priest. What I discovered was that there doesn’t seem to be an “official” word on it. It all depends on which priest you ask.

The old school priests with no interest in mediumship usually told me that communication with Spirit should be left to priests. Of course, they were referring to Spirit with a capital S. Nevertheless, not one ever told me it was wrong to see a medium. They just wanted to keep all spiritual matters within the church.

The more open-minded priests, usually those under the age of 65, told me that if a reading with a psychic medium raises your spiritual awareness and connection, it was a positive experience that they would encourage. A few even admitted to me privately that they have been to a medium themselves. In fact, on the flip side, I know several mediums who have told me that they have given readings to both priests and nuns, Janet Nohavec possibly more than any of them.

People change as times change. And in this light, there are a growing number of people, myself included, who now feel, or are beginning to feel, a disconnection with the religion that their parents chose for them, and they are now seeking alternative, spiritual experiences of their own choice. So many people of all religions, again myself included, are now at a point where we prefer to call ourselves spiritual rather than religious. And, as spiritual people, we want to make up our own minds about matters of life, death and spirituality, rather than be dictated on what we should or should not believe.

Furthermore, there are the people who have endured tragic events in their life—the death of a loved one, serious illness or a tragic accident—who are seeking more definitive answers and a deeper understanding of why God allows children to die, innocent people to suffer, and bad things to happen to good people. I, too, was one of those people. And since my religion wasn’t providing those answers for me during my dark night of the soul, I sought to discover those answers through my own spiritual investigations, which included mediumship (spirit communication). I now feel I have an answer to my questions that provides me with an invaluable inner peace.

With all sincerity, I am grateful for the spiritual foundation that my childhood religion provided me. However, once I became an adult, I knew that I needed something more. I wanted to learn about other religions and spiritual teachings, and I wanted to pick and choose from each of them what would eventually become my own, private religion. I also wanted to begin having my own spiritual experiences without being judged for it. Such spiritual experiences included readings from psychic mediums, past-life regressions, afterlife communications, and learning about other people’s near-death experiences—all experiences that can have life-changing effects.

If, at the time of my transition from religious to spiritual, I had known about a former Catholic nun who offered readings for spirit communication—a medium who many priests and nuns comfortably go to for their own readings—I would have felt so much more at ease. And, if that former nun was also an extraordinarily gifted medium, I can’t even imagine how many years of skepticism she could have helped me to avoid—skepticism that certainly slowed my spiritual growth.

Well, that is exactly the person I have discovered in my seventh year of researching and testing psychic mediums. And while I’m no longer the skeptic I once was, I know that there are many of you who are, which is why I’m pleased to introduce you to psychic medium, Janet Nohavec.


Janet Nohavec owns homes in New York and New Jersey, and is the founder/pastor of a Spiritualist Church in New Jersey. As detailed on her church’s website, “As a young adult, Janet entered religious life and spent five years as a Catholic nun. After leaving the convent, she felt drawn to her work with mediumship and received extensive training to polish her gift. She now teaches and demonstrates mediumship internationally.”

As is the preferred method these days, Janet was recommended to me by another top medium from my list. When I tested her by getting a reading myself, she was facing a great deal of doubt from me. After all, I had only added one new person to my list in four years. And, to be honest, the standards of ability, integrity and responsibility that I require to be on my list are extremely difficult to meet. Nevertheless, Janet met my standards and passed my 15-point test with high honors.

Janet is not new to mediumship. She began focusing upon and improving her mediumship abilities more than 13 years ago. She even studied at the famous British school for psychic mediums, Stanstead, and was presented with the honor of becoming a tutor at that school. Eventually, years later, Janet founded her own Spiritualist church in New Jersey, and was given another honor as the first (and, as of this writing, the only) Spiritualist church in the United states under the Spiritualist’s National Union (UK). Janet is also the co-founder of The Journey Within school for mediumship, where she teaches evidential mediumship.


Janet Nohavec is one of those mediums who makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. In a word, she emanates “trust.” I didn’t know much about Janet when I first tested her, yet I intuitively knew she had integrity. It quickly became obvious as she gave me my reading. She’s not the type to give generalized messages. She gets right to the point, offering precise details like those you’ll read about in my reading to follow. Later, in my background investigation of her, I learned that she is well known among mediums who have never even met her. Some of the mediums whom I respect the most were aware of her positive work and told me they heard nothing but positive remarks about her.

Janet is a bit formal in her readings, meaning that she gets right down to business so as to not waste your time or money. But you also feel like you’re getting a reading from someone who cares about you, even though she doesn’t know you. I don’t know how she does this, but that’s how she made me feel, at least, and I have an inkling that all her clients feel the same way. And this is a character trait that I feel is important—I don’t want someone giving me a reading who doesn’t exude compassion. Janet Nohavec seems to be the definition of compassion. It is evident in her readings, her work as a church pastor, and her work as a teacher of mediumship.

Just as an example of Janet’s compassion, I asked her why she offers half-hour readings when she only makes half the money she could if she required full-hour readings. She told me that she gives full-hour readings to those who prefer it, but that she is able to reach more people, especially those who can’t afford a full-hour reading, by also offering the half-hour alternative—which many people choose. She added that the half-hour readings also allow her to touch more lives, since she can only do a limited number of readings each week.

The truth is that this is not a savvy decision for Janet, financially. She would likely earn twice what she makes if she required one-hour readings. But I love that she chooses helping more people over making more money. Not that I think all mediums should do this—I’m a big believer that abundance is empowering—but Janet’s choice clearly indicates where her priorities are focused. She chooses helping as many souls as possible above greater financial benefit to herself. That spells “compassion.”

Beginning the reading, Janet explained that she didn’t want me to tell her anything. She preferred I only acknowledge when I understood her messages from spirit. I was happy about this, as I prefer mediums not ask many questions. If a medium gives me some outstanding messages, I don’t want to wonder later if she deducted that information from something I told her during the reading. So I was immediately relieved when Janet told me she wouldn’t be prying me with questions. And she lived up to that promise, too, as I told her nothing about myself during the reading.

The first message Janet gave me was that there was a gentleman present, a father or grandfather figure, and that he had died from issues of the heart and lungs. She added that during his death, his breathing was affected due to his lungs being filled with fluid. That was a lot of information right off the start, and it was all correct.

I recognized this as my father coming through, and the information she gave about him was all true. My father had a weak heart due to a quadruple bypass years prior, and he was suffering with a recurring cancer in his lungs. At the time of his death, pneumonia was causing his lungs to fill with fluid.

This was a great start for Janet, as she gave me some powerful details right out of the gate: One, that my father was in spirit (he could have still been alive for all she knew); Two, that he had heart problems; Three, that he had lung problems; and Four, that his lungs were filling with fluid at the time of his death. That’s fantastic mediumship, but I waited for more. A medium has to do much better than this to qualify for my list.

Janet then told me that my father was a strict man, that he liked things done a certain way, and that he was apologizing for being so one-way about how he raised me. This, too, was accurate. My father was very strict in how he raised me. And, therefore, his apology was welcomed and accepted with forgiveness.

It’s little messages like these—information that might seem vague to you reading this, but is so dead-on accurate for me that it’s really quite specific—that really make a reading worthwhile. It’s also quite healing to have a parent in spirit apologize for something they did or didn’t do while here on earth. For me, having my father apologize for his iron rule not only made me feel good, but it also gave me an opportunity to forgive him.

So far, Janet went from identifying who from spirit was present to explaining how he passed, and now she gave me a personal message about both his character and his apology for being that way. Some mediums I’ve tested never get this much information in the entire reading. Janet blurted it out in the first few minutes.

Janet then told me that my father was showing her a stonewall, which she said could be a symbol of a boundary issue taking place. Again, this was another accurate message, and a great example of how our loved ones in spirit are watching over us in the present day. This boundary issue was a current matter in my life. In fact, the surveyor’s flags were still in my yard as Janet gave me this reading. It’s comforting to know that loved ones in spirit, as well as spirit guides, are aware of everything that’s going on in our lives. And this message from Janet was evidence of that.

In the same manner regarding current issues, Janet then said that my father was telling her that he’s aware of the problem involving the cemetery plots. Janet relayed my father’s concern with there not being enough plots to go around. I understood the message immediately, and it couldn’t have been more correct. Having recently had a headstone put on my father’s grave, my mother and I realized that there weren’t enough plots in this section of the cemetery for my sister, me and my wife, Melissa, to all be buried near my parents. There is a solution to the matter, but we had not yet handled what needed to be done. My father’s message through Janet was a good reminder that we needed to do this.

It really blows my mind when a psychic medium gives such specific details about current events, because there is no way Janet could have ever known about either of these matters. I’ve never written about the boundary issue or the cemetery plot issue in any of my articles. For that matter, these were such current events that I didn’t have time to write about them, nor tell anyone about them. Even my closest friends didn’t know about them.

When I critique a reading, I don’t merely count the hits versus the misses. I count the high quality hits versus the low quality hits. My reading with Janet provided lots of high quality hits, and the boundary and cemetery messages are two examples of a high quality hit. How many people are currently dealing with boundary issues at their home or a lack of plots to go around their family at the cemetery? These are not general messages that will fit most people. Hence, when they are accurate, they really make an impression.

Janet prides herself on offering readings of “evidential mediumship.” This refers to a reading that offers “evidence” of spirit communication—descriptions, names, memories and current issues—versus vague readings that merely tell you that your deceased mother or father are okay and watching over you. Those kinds of messages are okay AFTER the medium has provided rock-solid evidence that she is really in contact with your mother or father, but not before… and certainly not without any evidence at all. As a former skeptic, I’m all about evidential mediumship. I see absolutely no use for vague generalities without an initial foundation of evidence. And this is what Janet was giving me in my reading.

Janet then said that my father was giving her the name Bill or William, which is a name that my father always gives in my readings, although I’m not entirely sure why. I believe he’s telling me that his friend, Bill, who died shortly after him, is with him in spirit. But my father wasn’t giving any further information about it. In fact, he never does. Then, in the next message, Janet said my father was conveying the month of November to her. I believe that my father’s friend, Bill, died in November, but I’m not absolutely sure of it. This is one of those messages where your own lack of information can sometimes get in the way of the reading. So I assumed that my father was trying to tell me which Bill he was talking about by mentioning the month Bill died.

Janet then said that there was another woman present with my father. This woman, she said, had the energy of a worrier. Janet said she was given the visual of this woman constantly wringing her hands. I knew immediately that this was my grandmother, because my grandmother was always wringing her hands, nervously. Even as a boy, this nervous habit was something I noticed. And I guess that raising six children on her own (without my grandfather present) might have had something to do with it.

Janet then described this woman as wearing her hair off her shoulders, which was true, and going by the name of Mary, which almost made me fall out of my chair. She didn’t even guess; Janet just knew the name was Mary. My grandmother’s name was actually Eva, but she always went by the name of Mary (I don’t know why). I was especially impressed that Janet got the name correct, as this is a difficult task for most mediums.

Janet then mentioned seeing a black onyx ring with a Masonic emblem on it. She thought the message pertained to a grandfather in spirit. My grandfather died when I was only ten years old, but I recall being at his wake when several men—I was told they were “Masons”—arrived in a group at the funeral home and stood around the casket to say some prayers. They all came and left together, and it was a strange experience for me as a boy. I remember thinking at the time, after being told they were Masons, that I hadn’t known my grandfather was a bricklayer. This message from Janet brought back that memory and I finally, now being an adult, realize that my grandfather was a member of the Freemasons—he wasn’t a mason by trade. Once again, the evidence was both accurate and something that Janet could never have known—I didn’t even remember until she mentioned it.

This is a wonderful example of evidential mediumship in action. By mentioning the ring with the Masonic emblem, and then telling me that the person in spirit was a grandfather, I had no question in my mind who Janet was communicating with on the other side. I have to give the spirits communicating with Janet credit, too, since they were responsible for showing Janet the ring. I can only assume that they knew the ring would trigger my memory of my grandfather’s funeral service, thereby helping me to know which grandfather we were talking about.

Janet went on to tell me more information about my grandfather, but I didn’t know enough about my grandfather to verify its validity. Once she recognized this, she moved on in the reading to something else, which was considerate of my time. I was at least pleased to know that my grandfather had come to say hello.

Janet, with my father’s help, then went on to describe some photographs that I had of my father in my house: one on our mantle and one on my desk. She even knew that the one on the mantle was a picture of him when he was younger, and it was taken with him beside my mother. I guess that would have been embarrassing for her if I didn’t have a mantle in my house, or a desk, but she nailed both messages. This is another example of messages from spirit that provide current information that the medium could never know, and which illustrate how our deceased loved ones are aware of us, and watching over us from above—evidence that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside when it happens.

Janet then asked if my father smoked cigarettes. I told her he did. She said that he was telling her he smoked Camel cigarettes or Lucky Strikes, the kind of cigarette with no filter. I was amazed at this high quality hit. My father smoked Camel non-filter cigarettes since he was a teenager. He didn’t even quit after having half a lung removed due to cancer. I even tried to get him to switch to Camels with the filter, but he wouldn’t have it. In the end, the Camels are why his life ended at the early age of 63, so this was a rather poignant message in itself.

Having established solid evidence that she was communicating with my father, Janet then relayed some messages about how proud my father is of me and how much he loves me. Such messages are not convincing for you, the reader of this article, but they are always nice to get once the evidence has been established. I should also note that the first time I got messages like these from my father in spirit, I was soaked in tears. It can be quite an emotional experience. But now having had so many readings, I’m a bit spoiled in this way, and I don’t get as emotional as I once used to. However, I never tire of the experience.

Next, Janet fired off some fast messages about a series of different subjects. Time was running short on the reading, so she wanted to cover some additional ground.

First, she gave me evidence that my uncle was present. She described the uncle as leaving this life fairly quickly (which she said meant he learned of his illness and died shortly thereafter), and that there was distance between me and him before his death. With those messages, I had a feeling I knew who it was. If I was correct, this uncle was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died within weeks. Because I was young and unsure of how to approach a dying person, I procrastinated going to see him too long and never got to say goodbye. It was nice to know that he had come to my reading even though I hadn’t given him the same consideration. Janet went on to tell me that he had a very good energy about him as a fun and loving person. It was good to know that he hadn’t changed.

The next message was about a brother of mine who died shortly after birth. This I knew was true. She added that he died due to a lung or breathing problem, which is a detail I had to confirm with my mother. My mother later confirmed this as true, which I thought was pretty cool.

Janet then fired off some more messages: One about my future, suggesting that I’ll be working in England or Australia; Another about a family concern regarding a certain relative (she even identified the exact concern we are having); Another about some refurbishing that we’re doing at our home (she was right); Another about an antique my wife had purchased that my father enjoyed (he was an antique dealer towards the end of his life, so the message made perfect sense that my father would mention it); And she gave me several other messages that would likely be boring to you if I listed them all.

My father’s final two messages involved a coin and my career. First, he was congratulating me about “a metal coin, the size of a silver dollar,” that my father was calling a “prize piece.” I knew immediately what the message meant. A month prior, I had received a military “coin of excellence” from a colonel at Fort Lewis in Washington for a documentary I’m producing. The coin is exactly the size of a silver dollar, and it is made of metal. After getting the coin, I later learned that military officers give these coins out fairly liberally, so I didn’t think much of it, although I still keep it on my desk. But this is just the sort of thing that would have caused my father to beam with pride. In fact, I thought of him when I received it. So Janet’s message was quite meaningful, because it was nice for me to know that my father was aware of it. And, again, no one except a few people in the world even knew about this coin. There is no way that Janet, who lives at least 500 miles away from me, could have known about it.

The second and final message my father had for me involved work. He was urging me to do something that I’ve known I need to do, but I’ve been putting it off for quite some time now. However, my father insisted that my procrastination is holding me back, and I needed to get underway with this new project as soon as possible. Janet not only had the details correct, but she was also correct about my delaying it and how important it is for me to do. It was just like getting advice from my father when he was on alive. And it was wonderful to know that he is aware of the work I do.


Janet Nohavec is gifted psychic medium who focuses her readings on “evidential mediumship.” I’m a huge fan of evidential mediumship, because if you have any degree of skepticism, you want evidential mediumship to give you whatever amount of evidence is required to establish proof of spirit communication (proof being subjective to every individual).

You definitely do not want a practitioner who is going to give you generalities. That will leave you empty and disappointed. But a reading with Janet will leave you with hits, high quality hits, that will have you saying to yourself, “There is no other way she could have known that, and no other conclusion that can be made, except to conclude that these messages came from my loved one in spirit.”

My reading with Janet Nohavec was exceptional, but what’s more is that this was just a half-hour reading! I can’t even imagine how much information she would have given me in a full hour. Personally, if I were giving advice to my family members or friends, I’d recommend that you get a one-hour reading just to maximize your experience. But at least Janet offers the half-hour reading for those who want a top dollar reading but don’t want to pay top dollar. So you have a choice. And that’s nice, too.

Janet Nohavec offers readings by telephone to anyone around the world by calling 973-633-7884. And you can learn more about her by visiting her website at: or emailing her

As with most gifted practitioners whom I write about, I recommend that you book an appointment fast, because once the millions of visitors to my websites read about her, she’ll be booking up quickly. Be sure to tell Janet that you read about her in Bob Olson’s article.