Why Are Your Family Members And Friends In Your Life? Discover The Purpose Behind Your Relationships With The Soul Contract Intuitive—Danielle MacKinnon

Why Are Your Family Members And Friends In Your Life? Discover The Purpose Behind Your Relationships With The Soul Contract Intuitive—Danielle MacKinnon  

by Bob Olson

“What I loved most about my soul contract reading with Danielle  MacKinnon was that it helped me to better understand the people in my  life and my relationships with them. Danielle taught me why each  person is in my life, why they behave the way they do around me, and  why I respond to them the way that I do. Most importantly, my reading  with Danielle taught me why I chose to have each person in my life  (from a soul level), which has helped me to be more understanding,  forgiving and compassionate with friends and family members because I  now relate to them at new, higher level.”  ~ Bob Olson

Have you ever wondered why certain people are in your life? How about pets? For instance, why is your best friend your best friend? What purpose does your father play in your life? What is your son meant to teach you? What is your pet here to show you? For that matter, what significance do you have intheir lives?

These are questions that most of us have from time to time, yet we tend to assume there’s no answer—only speculation. I recently learned, however, that there actually is a way to learn why particular people (and even pets) are in our lives. It’s called a “Soul Contract Reading.” And I found this reading experience incredibly meaningful.

After investigating psychic mediums since 1999—testing hundreds of psychics and mediums from across the globe—I’ve never come across any psychic medium who focused their work around the soul contracts we have with people and animals, that is, until I met Danielle MacKinnon.

I initially heard of Danielle from a friend who’s a well-known psychic medium and author. He spoke so highly of her that I couldn’t help but take notice. Yet I refused to jump right into testing her, as is my protocol. I instead chose to observe Danielle MacKinnon from a distance to learn more about her.

Over the next year or so, other friends of mine had readings with Danielle and were equally impressed with her. When they told me about their readings, I recognized that there was something extraordinary about a Danielle MacKinnon reading—something astonishingly unique—but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was because she wasn’t yet using the phrase “soul contract reading.”

I eventually had a reading with Danielle. In fact, I ended up having the equivalent of three readings. But I’ll begin by telling you about my first one.

Because I had hired her to present a seminar at a workshop venue that Melissa (my wife) and I own in Kennebunkport, Maine, I wanted to test Danielle before the event. As much as I trusted that she was every bit as good as my friends had told me, I needed to find out for myself.

I was initially misinformed that Danielle is solely an animal communicator. This isn’t true, although she does happen to give exceptional readings of animal communication—better than any I’ve ever experienced, which I’m sure is why her reputation for animal communication has spread so quickly. The truth is that Danielle MacKinnon provides equally exceptional readings for any intuitive purpose, including guidance concerning your career, finances, health, relationships, as well as emotional and spiritual growth. Nonetheless, because I had been misinformed, my first reading with Danielle was all about my pets.


Danielle began the reading by communicating with our Labrador mix, Libby. Libby told Danielle that Melissa had repeatedly informed her about this upcoming reading.

“Libby says you’ve been telling her about the reading all week. She actually says you’ve been telling her over and over and over.” Danielle chuckled as she relayed the information—she has a fun, gentle reading style.

“That’s true,” said Melissa, laughing. “I wasn’t sure Libby understood, so I kept telling her every morning.”

“She did understand you,” Danielle told Melissa with a smile. “She says that she understood you the first time you said it.”

After a little amusement at Melissa’s expense, it was my turn to get picked on.

“Bob,” said Danielle, “Libby says you talk to her differently than most people talk to their pets.”

Oh boy, here it comes, I thought.

“She says you have a more business-like approach, which she likes. You tend to talk to her like she’s human.”

Huh? What? You mean I did something right?

Apparently Libby likes to be talked to like an adult, not a baby. Now we know.

What was important to me was that Danielle was correct on both messages. She had Melissa and I pegged regarding how we communicate with Libby. Melissa talks to Libby like a child; I talk to her like an adult. Once Danielle knew the connection was right, she fired off a list of messages—all accurate in detail.

Danielle told us…

  • “Libby’s telling me that one of you regularly rubs her ears in an outward motion, which she finds calming.”

    [Yes, in fact, Melissa massages Libby’s ears often.]

  • “Libby is complaining of her dirty paws during her walks. She has long hairs that pick up the dirt, she says.”

    [Both are true. We normally have to clean her paws after every walk. But we don’t trim the fur because it protects her paws from the hot tar in the summer and cold ice in the winter.]

  • “Libby says she’s getting a lot of cardiovascular exercise, which she enjoys. She’s telling me she gets two walks a day.”

    [Pretty good evidence considering a lot of people don’t walk their dogs once a day, never mind twice. I walk Libby in the morning, and Melissa and I both walk her late in the day.]

  • “Libby says she is able to walk leashless on her walks, which gives her a lot of freedom.”

    [Another strong evidential message since it’s more common that people walk their dogs on a leash. We either walk in the woods, down a dead-end street or on a rarely used beach, so Libby gets to walk without a leash 99 percent of the time.]

  • “She has a really good sense of self. You both tell her regularly how beautiful and smart she is.”

    [Melissa and I both tell Libby how beautiful and smart she is all the time. I imagine that a lot of people tell their pets this, but Danielle was at least correct.]

  • “Libby says that you are both the lovey-dovey coddlers, not just one of you.”

    [Okay, I admit it. I smother Libby with kisses and hugs all the time. I can’t help it; she’s so darn soft.]

  • “Libby is content with her food and she’s getting all her nutritional needs from it, which is something I rarely see. She does say that you don’t need to change her water quite so often, though.”

    [We’re big advocates of feeding pets healthy food. We did our research and are willing to invest in food with the most pure nutritional ingredients and the least filler. So we knew Libby’s food was healthy for her, but it was good confirmation to hear it from Danielle.]

  • “Regarding the occasional yeast problems on Libby’s paws that you told me about, I’m getting that it would be good to add some plain yogurt to her diet, a quarter cup in the morning and a half cup at dinner. Plus I would avoid getting her feet wet for three weeks, if possible, to help clear them up.”

    [This did help the yeast issues quite a bit, although not entirely. And the yogurt also helped Libby do her business twice a day more regularly. Okay, too much information?]

  • “Libby’s bragging about her teeth. She says her teeth are well cared for. I don’t know if this is due to brushing or something else, but she’s telling me she has a very healthy smile.”

    [True. Libby does have exceptionally clean teeth and healthy gums. We’ve been giving Libby a product called bully sticks since she was a puppy that she chews every night before bed, and this has kept her teeth in exceptionally healthy condition for seven years.]

  • “Libby says that Melissa makes everything a special treat.”

    [While this might sound somewhat vague or even predictable, there’s more truth in this message than meets the eye. Melissa takes Libby for daily rides in the car, usually to places where they give Libby a doggy treat, she makes sure Libby has her teddy bear whenever she goes for a ride, and she gives Libby a chew toy (called a Kong) filled with cream cheese every night before bed. And that’s just a few examples of many. You know, I always say that it’s often the silliest messages during a reading that hit upon the biggest truths, and this just happens to be one of them.]

Because I’m such a stickler when it comes to testing psychic mediums, I watch for messages that are blatantly wrong. In most test readings, there are dozens of these, which is why I have so few people on my recommended list. Danielle MacKinnon, however, fired off message after message that was bullseye accurate. Those listed above are just a small sample. I was highly impressed due to how rare this occurs. Only once did she say something that I had to question.

Danielle assumed Melissa walked Libby in the morning. When I told her it was me who walked Libby, she said she was sensing a feminine energy with whoever walks her. We all laughed that Danielle was calling me a girly-girl, at least during my morning walks with Libby. Still, Danielle didn’t backpedal; she stuck to her message. She said my feminine side must be more dominant than my masculine during these morning walks because that’s what she was sensing. I don’t refute that I’m very gentle and nurturing with Libby, especially in the morning, so it’s possible that this is what Danielle was picking up. Either way, it was the only time in the entire reading that the message was in question, which is remarkable.

Then Danielle said something that nobody in the entire world knew.

“Libby says some walks are better than others because Bob is often in his head so much that he’s not present with her. Bob, you need to make a conscious effort to be present during these walks,” said Danielle. “Libby knows when you’re not fully present and you’re thinking about other things.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself at the end of a walk with Libby realizing that I had been consumed in thought the entire time. I don’t do it consciously. It’s just an automatic tendency for me to think about an article I’m writing, a speech I’m soon to give or a recent phone conversation that’s replaying in my mind. Then, at the end of the walk, it’s like driving my car into my driveway and not knowing how I drove home—I recognize that I totally missed the journey.

I’ve felt a sense of guilt about this many times, though I’ve never shared it with anyone. Nonetheless, Danielle MacKinnon laid it on the table during this reading like it was common knowledge.

This led into my soul contract with Libby.

“Libby’s soul contract with you, Bob,” said Danielle, “is to keep you in the present moment. She often takes you out of thought by walking over to you just long enough to get your attention, then she walks away.”

She was right. Libby often gets out of her bed in the middle of the day, walks down the hall to my office and stands beside me at my desk just long enough to break my concentration and notice her. Once I notice her and say hello, she turns and walks down the hall and lays back into her bed. Until now, it’s always been a bit weird. Now I understand it.

Danielle added, “Libby’s soul contract with Melissa is to be a listener. Melissa has challenges with communicating her feelings, so Libby’s contract with Melissa is to be another individual other than Bob with whom she can share how she’s feeling. The problem, Libby says, is that Melissa tends to hold both sides of the conversation when she talks to Libby. So Melissa needs to learn how to give Libby space to respond, and learn how to receive it.”

This, too, was quite factual. Ever since Melissa and I first began dating over 30 years ago, we’ve worked on getting Melissa to express her emotions. She tends to keep her feelings bottled up inside. For Danielle MacKinnon to pull this out of a hat the way she did, and just state it as if everybody knows it, was actually quite impressive. And it made sense that Melissa’s contract with Libby would be related to this.

What I found especially interesting was just how simple, yet helpful, this soul contract information can be. Since this reading, Melissa and I have both worked on these issues related to our soul contracts with Libby and have experienced profound benefits.

I, for one, have learned to stay more in the present moment during my walks. After all, I shouldn’t be thinking about work when I’m out in nature trying to rejuvenate. Nor should I be thinking about work while I’m connecting with my wife and dog after work hours. This has really improved the benefits of these walks, which includes feeling more physically refreshed and mentally peaceful after each walk.

Of course, overcoming issues is a process and not an event, so Libby continues to awaken me out of my occasional thinking comas by walking up to me at my desk and even barking at me at times. I always laugh when she does this and then just turns and walks away. It’s like she’s saying, “Okay, I snapped you out of it. Now I’m going back to sleep.”

Towards the end of our reading with Danielle, there was still time for questions, so we asked about the meaning behind Libby’s partially torn ligaments in both knees. Thanks to acupuncture and homeopathy, Libby is walking and even running like normal, though she still can’t overdo it. But there were times when I was carrying her up the stairs in our home and her care took a lot of time and extra attention. So we wondered how all this played into our soul contracts with her.

The way I understand it, and I’m paraphrasing here, is that there are primary and secondary themes within our soul contracts with people and animals. I described the primary soul contracts we each have with Libby above, but her knee issues are related to a significant yet secondary theme—learning how to deal with the stress in our lives.

Libby’s health issues were a way of reducing the stress in our lives. While this might seem contradictory in nature (since it would seem to add to our stress rather than reduce it), this actually makes a lot of sense once you think about it. By focusing our attention on caring for Libby, we inadvertently lost our focus on the external factors related to our stress. Her health needs diverted our attention from whatever other problems we were facing. Therefore, she helped me get out of my head (where my stress lives) and focus on the present moment—Libby’s health needs. There’s no arguing that I wasn’t thinking about my stress-related issues while carrying her eighty-pound body up our steep stairway to the second floor.

This is less than half of what we gained from our animal soul contract reading with Danielle MacKinnon, but it gives you a sense of what it is like. Danielle also talked about our cat, Max, discussing his health and nutritional needs, as well as our soul contracts with him. This too was significant and meaningful, but I want to tell you a little about my second reading with Danielle, so I’m now going to skip right to that.


As I mentioned earlier, Danielle MacKinnon’s abilities are about much more than animal communication. So my second reading with her was intended to focus on my soul contracts with certain people in my life. At first I thought the entire reading was going to be about these soul contracts, but something interesting happened first. Since I allowed Danielle to take the reading wherever she felt it was supposed to go, I was pleasantly surprised by what showed up as we got started.

Considering the reading I had regarding my soul contract with Libby, it wasn’t a shock that Danielle’s first message was about my need to get out of my head.

“Wow, grounding is a big issue for you,” said Danielle. “You’ve found ways over the years to compensate for it, but there are even better ways to ground yourself that I can teach you.”

There was a pause, and then she said in her light-hearted, easy manner, “This is amazing. Just by my talking about your need to ground your energy, I’m feeling a lot of resistance from you, as if every part of you would prefer to stay up in the cosmos of your thoughts.”

She and I both laughed knowing it’s common for people to resist change. And I’m certainly not immune to that. In all honesty, I really had no desire to change. First of all, this was just a reading for me to test Danielle. I wasn’t intending to improve my life here. Second of all, I like living in my thoughts. It’s what I’ve always done. It’s the only way I know to be. I had already learned to be grounded during my walks with Libby and Melissa. Now Danielle wanted me to be grounded at other times of the day, too?

“This is really funny, Bob, because you know about all the tools to help you do this, but you don’t use them.”


Danielle continued, “The problem with this is that you aren’t working as efficiently as you could be. By learning to manage your energy, you’ll be surprised how much more you will accomplish in the same amount of time. This will mean that you can work less and enjoy life more. And this will also mean that you’ll have more energy to do things all day long.”

The more Danielle talked, the more I recognized that this reading, which I originally thought was all about testing her ability, actually held the potential of teaching me how to accomplish more in my life’s work. By learning to stay grounded, I would achieve a lot more in less time in comparison to my norm of exerting all my energy mentally. Accordingly, Danielle taught me the significance and meaning behind the intuitive guidance she provides by helping me to recognize the importance of my need to get and stay grounded.

Danielle then gave me some techniques to help me get grounded. And I was happy to learn that writing was one of them.

“Bob, some types of writing take you out of your head. But some writing puts you right back there. If you’re writing an article about a person related to your work, that’s not grounding for you. But if you are writing about your own life—about an introspective experience that you had and want to share with people through your writing—that kind of writing grounds you,” she said.

Danielle MacKinnon then gave me an exercise to bring my energetic self back into my physical body. It took more time than either of us expected—I was dreadfully resistant—but I eventually grounded myself and it did make me feel more empowered. Said another way, it made me feel more control over my life, my focus, my energy, and even my time.


This is about the time that Danielle recognized that I had some old contracts from past lives that I was continuing to honor. And these were in direct conflict with what I came into this life to achieve.

Say what? Old contracts? Past lives? What you talkin’ about, Willis?

It turns out, according to Danielle MacKinnon, that soul contracts aren’t just about our relationships in this lifetime. We also have soul contracts fromother lifetimes that continue to affect us, both positively and negatively.

So if you have soul contracts from a past life that are blocking you from something you’ve been trying to accomplish in this lifetime—such as a healthy relationship, career or financial success, health or fitness goals, or even creative fulfillment—Danielle can help you break these contracts in one simple and easy procedure, and right over the phone. She did this with me in my second reading and it took only eight minutes.

“Integrity is important to you,” said Danielle. “So when you make a commitment, you’ll sacrifice yourself to uphold it, even if it’s a commitment from another lifetime. As a result, over many lifetimes, you have a lot of contracts that you’re still committed to that are holding you back.”

I really wasn’t sure what to think. This is one of those situations in the psychic medium field where there isn’t evidence to prove that what she’s saying is absolutely true. That’s always an issue for me. However, Danielle had already given me enough evidence between the two readings I’d had with her—plus during the workshop that I watched her give—so I knew her gift was legitimate. Thus, it was reasonable to believe that this information, although not provable, was likely true as well. I had to just go with it and see what resulted.

Danielle then described some of the contracts I was continuing to honor from past lives.

“You have a vow of invisibility,” said Danielle. “For whatever reason, you made a vow to not be famous or well-known. You’ve vowed to stay out of the public eye. Considering your line of work, this is a biggie…this is a major obstacle.”

I suspected this was why most of my work in this field has been done via the Internet. By writing and working on the Internet, I’ve done my best to spread my message while remaining virtually invisible.

She continued, “You have a vow of suffering. This vow prevents anything from coming easy to you. Everything you do has to be a struggle; there has to be a level of suffering in order to accomplish your goals. Whatever happened in a past life to lead you to make this vow, you were punishing yourself for something. This is another important one to remove.”

I knew that if what she was saying held any truth to it, it explained a lot about my life.

Danielle added, “You also have a vow of failure.”

Oh that doesn’t sound good, I thought to myself.

“Three lifetimes ago, you had a life of power where you abused that power. Worried that you would abuse this power again, you vowed to never be successful again.”

Normally I don’t favor when a psychic tells me about a past life. I prefer to experience it myself in a past-life regression, an experience I’ve had three times—very cool stuff. But I didn’t mind Danielle telling me about this because it helped to explain the vow. I didn’t need to experience the past life in order to understand the reason I made the vow.

Ironically, what I’ve learned about past lives from my experiences with past-life regression is that we generally do not repeat the same mistakes. Instead, we learn from the mistakes of our lives and rarely repeat them again. Yet it never occurred to me that we might create vows like these during our life in order to prevent against making these same mistakes again.

“Bob, it’s amazing to me that you’ve accomplished all that you have and had the success thus far considering these vows have been working against you. That says a lot about you. But just imagine what it’s going to be like after removing these vows. I can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish.”

Yeah, me too, I thought.

Danielle MacKinnon took me through a brief exercise that took only eight minutes, which she said removed these vows and others from the Akashic Records (where memories, lessons, karma and vows accumulate on the spiritual plane). It was not something that Danielle did herself, but rather, an exercise that she walked me through—something I did to release myself from these vows.

Whenever I’ve done these types of exercises in the past, I have rarely ever experienced any feelings or physical manifestations as a result. Not so this time. Danielle said that it would take three days for all the contracts to be fully broken. And for the next few days, I had a slight lower backache and I felt totally unmotivated. I wasn’t sure if these minor-yet-annoying symptoms were due to the contract breaking or some physical issue I was experiencing, but I considered that it might be due to my work with Danielle.

Danielle assures me that most people don’t experience physical symptoms as a result of contract breaking, just in case you were wondering. But mild symptoms can result temporarily, she admitted, mostly due to the energetic cleansing of these cellular-level vows. Personally, I saw my physical symptoms as a good sign that I was letting go of old, self-defeating vows.

On the fourth day, the backache was gone and I was motivated to begin working again. Interestingly, there were a few projects that I previously thought were important to me that no longer felt important anymore. I was also now thinking in new directions. And some unexpected, although amazing opportunities suddenly fell into my lap, one that involved a life-changing career deal. Was it all due to the contract breaking exercise? I can’t tell you for sure, but it was quite serendipitous that it all happened right after the reading.

Grounding my energy and breaking the past-life contracts took the entire session, but I still wanted to experience what it was like to learn about soul contracts with people, not just animals. So Danielle and I continued the session because she didn’t have another client booked after my reading.

In a sense this was like getting another reading. I mention this so that you don’t expect to get the same amount of information I’ve described in this article in a mere, one-hour session. My animal soul contracts reading, my grounding and contract-breaking reading, and now what I’m going to tell you about my soul contract reading regarding people in my life was more like two-and-a-half or three sessions, so keep this in mind if you get a reading with Danielle yourself. My experiences certainly show the benefit of working with her more than once.


In this third segment, I learned about my soul contracts with one relative and one friend. To be respectful of these people, I’m not going to identify them or get into much detail. However, what Danielle MacKinnon conveyed to me was dead-on accurate about my relationships with each person and indispensably helpful.

If you can just take what I shared with you about my reading regarding my dog, Libby, and imagine that same type of reading in relation to a person, you’ll get a sense of how beneficial a soul contract reading can be in relation to your friends and family members.

What I loved most about the information I was given in my soul contract reading was that it helped me to better understand these two people and my relationships with them. In one case, there was a level of emotional abuse perpetrated against me. Yet Danielle taught me why this person acted abusively toward me, which allowed me to be both forgiving and compassionate regarding their behavior. And she helped me see why I chose to have this person in my life (from a soul level); that is, what I gained from the abusive relationship.

Furthermore, due to what I learned, I discovered how to better deal with this person in my life so that I was no longer affected by them. And the next time I saw this person, this guidance worked brilliantly. I was friendly, even loving, yet detached from the emotional aspect of our past relationship. Instantly, I knew our relationship had improved due to what I learned in the reading.

In the second case, what Danielle told me about my relationship with this person was so very precise that I couldn’t have described it better myself. And when she explained how I was acting when being around this person, it was like she shined a light on something that had been hidden in the darkness. And it helped me to take responsibility for how I was acting when around this person, rather than blame the whole situation on them.

One the wonderful things about taking responsibility is that it gives us power. If we had the power to cause something to occur in the past, then we have the power to change it now. Yet if we place the blame on other people, then we give them all the power to change things, which deprives us of this ability.

I suddenly saw my relationship with this person from an entirely new perspective, one that would change how I act when around them. It would also strengthen my bond with this person and advance what we came here to teach one another. The insight I gained from Danielle will now help me to fulfill the purpose of this relationship.

I apologize for the cryptic vagueness of these descriptions, but I hope I have still communicated the value and benefits that a soul contract reading can provide. Naturally, every soul contract is going to be different, so some will be more profound than others. I know that my soul contract with my dog, Libby, for example, held more significance than my soul contract with my cat, Max. Still, every relationship holds meaning, and it’s a powerful experience to learn the purpose behind a relationship. So a soul contract reading is an experience I would wish for anyone.


Having a reading with Danielle is like having a reading with a friend who makes even the most serious of situations enjoyable. She knows how to goof around appropriately and she knows when to be serious. She has that light and fun personality; but when she gives her intuitive insight, I’m always amazed at the depth of wisdom that comes out. I was absolutely impressed by the level of meaning and significance that I gained from my reading with her. And, as a result, I feel like I have experienced accelerated growth—both personal and spiritual—in a way that I might not have accomplished on my own for years to come. For this I am grateful to her.

If you’d like to experience a reading with Danielle MacKinnon, I recommend calling her before her reading fee increases (which often happens after I add people to my recommended list) and to avoid a long waiting list. Be sure to tell her that you read about Bob Olson’s readings with her, and tell her what you liked about my readings that you would like to experience yourself.

Danielle gives readings by telephone to anyone around the world. The fastest and easiest way to get a reading is to use her simple online “appointment booking” system by visiting http://www.daniellemackinnon.com/pricing-sign-up/. If you prefer to make an appointment through Danielle’s assistant, which is a slightly slower process, the phone number is (866) 883-2280 (toll free).

Danielle MacKinnon’s website is http://www.daniellemackinnon.com.

Bob Olson

© 2010 Bob Olson, OfSpirit.com Magazine, BestPsychicMediums.com, and BestPsychicDirectory.com

The Psychic Medium Who Raised The Bar, Making It Harder For Other Mediums To Qualify For BestPsychicMediums.com

The Psychic Medium Who Raised The Bar, Making It Harder For Other Mediums To Qualify For BestPsychicMediums.com!

by Bob Olson

After researching and testing hundreds of psychic mediums since January 1999, one thing I’ve learned is that being gifted has little to do with how long a psychic medium has been giving readings. If a medium is genuinely and extraordinarily gifted, that gift instantly places them ahead of those whose abilities are mediocre at best—even if the mediocre medium has had years more experience.

I’ve had plenty of readings from psychic mediums who have been giving readings for twenty to thirty years, yet gave me readings that were ordinary and average. In contrast, I’ve had a few readings where the medium has only been practicing for five to ten years—like the subject of this article—yet their messages were so chock-full of details, descriptions, dates and even names, that it reminded me how powerful and accurate spirit communication can really be.

The psychic medium I’m about to reveal to you falls into the category of extraordinary, and I am especially proud to be adding her to my list of “Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums.” In fact, this practitioner is so exceptional that I actually ran downstairs after my test reading with her to tell my wife, Melissa, all about it. I was truly filled with enthusiasm for discovering such an impressive medium. Her name is Joanne Gerber.


As the founder and editor of OfSpirit.com Magazine—a leading resource on spiritual, holistic and self-help subjects with over 2000 pages of articles, interviews and information—my passion is to educate, inspire and assist people like you who are on a quest for spiritual growth. In this light, I’m also the founder of BestPsychicMediums.com and GriefAndBelief.com, two additional resources designed to guide people toward helpful insight that will enlighten you toward greater spiritual insight and experiences.

In January 1999, I met my first genuinely gifted psychic medium. I was a skeptic at the time, a very cynical one at that, and so the reading turned my world upside-down—but in a good way. Being able to communicate with my deceased father and grandmother through this medium really taught me how ignorant I had been regarding life after death. And being a published author in search of a new book to write, I instantly decided to write a book about spirit communication and psychic mediums because I was so intrigued by my reading.

I immediately began researching the subject of spirit communication and the afterlife, and in this research, began testing mediums by getting personal readings from them. In my excitement to tell other people about my best readings, I started writing about them and publishing these articles on the Internet, initially on OfSpirit.com and later on BestPsychicMediums.com.

Years later, after getting hundreds of readings—many from some of the best psychic mediums around the world—I realized that I had unintentionally become an authority on psychic mediums because I was able to compare and evaluate the abilities of the bestpsychic mediums versus the average versus the worst. Today, a total of seven years later, I use my experience to guide people like you toward the very best psychic mediums, and to be sure people won’t fall victim to the phonies, frauds and scam artists.


Before my reading with Joanne Gerber, I inquired with other psychic mediums (whose opinions I respect) about what they knew of her. I do this before adding anyone new to my list. The response I got from every medium was that Joanne is a person with high integrity, high moral character and the admiration of her peers. I was quite impressed with the encouraging, positive references these reputable mediums were bestowing upon her.

Despite the raving reviews of Joanne from other mediums, I must admit that I still wasn’t expecting a reading with the high-velocity punch that I got from her. After all, just because a medium recommends another medium doesn’t mean their recommendation deserves to be on my “best” list. I can’t tell you how many lousy readings I’ve had from mediums who were recommended by another psychic medium. For one, other mediums simply don’t know how to judge a reading from a place of skepticism. Yet, that happens to be my forte.

My point here is that my expectations going into every test reading are always low, because I so rarely locate anyone that meets my standards. Keep in mind, I’ve been doing this for seven years now and my list of the exceptionally gifted is still very small. Why? Because I find so few psychic mediums who meet my standards for being among the best.

Part of the problem is that my standards go up every time a medium gives me a reading that shows me something new, something brilliant, something I never imagined could be done. It’s like when a runner broke the four-minute mile, but this is in terms of spirit communication. Now I have a new, higher mark that future readings must meet. And my reading with Joanne, just like my readings with the other psychics and mediums on my list, accomplished just such a thing, but in her own, special way. Let me illustrate…

Joanne began my reading by telling me what to expect. I learned that she’s an “evidential medium”—the best kind for people with skepticism—meaning she will provide descriptions of people (in spirit): their ages, their names, dates associated with them, as well as details of memories I’ve had with them, even descriptions of objects and articles passed down from them.

Of course, I’ve heard a lot of psychic mediums promise such evidence, but few can actually deliver enough evidence to actually be convincing. So I waited to see if Joanne could fulfill her promises.

Joanne began the reading by instructing me not to tell her anything about my life. She didn’t want me to give up some evidence that “she” might eventually tell me. Obviously, that would spoil things for both of us. So I wholeheartedly agreed to keep my mouth shut.

I love it when a medium doesn’t ask any questions and doesn’t want the client to give anything away. This is called “feeding the medium.” Whenever I introduce a psychic medium at an event like a medium demonstration, I always say to the audience, “Now we ask that you please don’t feed the medium,” which always incites laughter from the crowd. Then I explain what feeding the medium means. When the medium is giving random readings to audience members from stage, the last thing she wants is for the audience member she’s reading to blurt out their deceased loved one’s name or relationship to the person before the medium has had a chance to offer it. It’s not fair to the medium; it’s not fair to the audience member getting the reading; and it’s not fair to the audience witnessing the reading. Everybody loses when the medium gets “fed” information.

At this point, Joanne had me count from one to ten, and then asked me to say my name three times slowly. This process, she told me, helps her clients to relax and raise their vibration while Joanne links in with people in spirit. She then said a brief prayer for the best and highest guidance from the highest light, and then the preparatory formalities were over—the reading had officially begun.

Joanne began by telling me that she had experienced a dream referencing my upcoming reading the night prior, much like the dreams portrayed by the main character on the television show, Medium. She said that she was being prepared for our reading early, although this was quite out of the ordinary for her to have such a dream.

Coincidentally, if you believe in coincidences, I had just told my wife the day before that I was disappointed in the TV show, Medium, because, although I knew it can be done, I’d never met a medium who got their messages so frequently through dreams. In fact, I had never had a medium give me messages that were obtained via a dream. So, to have Joanne begin my reading by telling me about her dream the prior night, I’m pretty sure someone in spirit was having some fun with me, probably teaching me not to make such assumptions—to keep my mind open and to never say never. I didn’t say anything to Joanne about this, so as to let her continue on without interruption.

Joanne then told me that she had linked with spirit, but that she had a “split link,” meaning she had connected with more than one spirit. She told me that everyone in spirit was talking at once, so she focused on the strongest link, which she said came from a gentleman with a heaviness in his chest area. She said he passed due to a problem with his breathing, or there were issues in the heart and lung area.

Well I already knew it had to be my father coming through; he’s almost always the first to arrive in my readings. And he passed due to lung cancer, but his heart was also strained due to severe pneumonia (he also had a quadruple bypass years prior).

She said this man had passed in his sixties. My father passed away at 63. So getting his general age was pretty impressive.

She added that he had a lot of health problems prior to passing, which was true. My father was in and out of the hospital so often in his last few years of life that it was a like a second home to him. Therefore, Joanne was right on cue with this one, too.

She added that he was in a hospital bed when he passed. And, sure, a lot of people pass in the hospital, but a lot of people pass away outside the hospital, too. He could have passed in a car accident, his home, at work, on a train, or choking on a steak at a restaurant. So it was a risky message for her to give, yet it landed with accuracy.

Joanne was also getting that he was a smoker.

Oh, my father was a smoker, all right. Even after losing half a lung to cancer and having his quadruple bypass, he kept on smoking—Camel non-filters. It’s no surprise that this message came with the other messages about his passing in his 60’s, his heart and lung issues, and his being in the hospital, since it was the cigarettes that ultimately killed him.

By this time, I was thinking, “Holy cow! What a whopper of a start.” If you separate the messages here (see below), you can see that Joanne blurted out a boatload, yet we had barely got started. I’d be surprised if we were ten minutes into the reading. Here’s what she gave me:

ü      A gentleman…

ü      With a heaviness in his chest area…

ü      Passed due to a problem with his breathing…

ü      There were issues in the heart and lung area…

ü      Passed away in his 60’s…

ü      Had a lot of health problems prior to passing…

ü      Was in a hospital bed when he passed…

ü      He was a smoker…

Some mediums, apparently needing to warm up, disappointingly beat around the bush at the beginning, never really giving much more than generalities. Not Joanne. She fired off a series of messages that hit the bulls eye right in the center. So she got my attention, but she still needed so much more than this to really blow me away. Thus, I waited for more.

Joanne then said my father was mentioning his jacket. She described it as a zip up jacket that he wore. I knew exactly what he meant, because I had just pulled out his winter coat (a zip up) and had wore it the day before this reading. I love messages that show us that our loved ones in spirit are watching over us—and this one was just that sort of message.

Suddenly, another spirit wanted to interrupt the conversation. Joanne mentioned that there was man in spirit who was in the military and was a World War II memorabilia collector. I knew instantly who had arrived. It was my uncle. He was a WWII hero who had all sorts of memorabilia around his house. Joanne said he was showing her some boots, but he also had helmets, rifles, bullet shells and uniforms.

Joanne said this man was a “one over link,” which meant he was one relation to the side of my father—his brother. This was another nice call. She added that he loved his garden (true), was losing a lot of his hair (true), and wasn’t a man to express his feelings much (true again). She added that there was a sense of bully-ness about him, which I took as meaning he could be tough at times (like the military veteran he was).

This is evidential mediumship at its best. There was no denying who was coming through in this reading. The details of my uncle’s personality, interests and physicality were amazing. Let’s look at what she gave me in a list:

ü      My father’s brother…

ü      In the military…

ü      Collected WWII memorabilia…

ü      Loved his garden…

ü      Balding…

ü      Didn’t express feelings…

ü      Sense of bully-ness…

And three messages still to come…

ü      Loved to sit outside…

ü      Distance between us before passing…

ü      Loved to fish…

ü      Something about a garage…

She added two key messages that really hit home with me. One, that my uncle liked to sit outside. Now this might sound like a vague message to some, but I have these memories with my uncle that no one even knows about. My uncle used to work next door to our home at a body shop garage that repaired and painted automobiles (Joanne even mentioned the garage). And everyday at lunchtime, my uncle would go outside to sit by himself and eat his lunch by a little brook. Whenever I saw him, I’d go sit with him. I was in my teens at the time, and I loved to just sit there with him. Sometimes we’d talk, as he knew so much about nature, and sometimes we’d just sit peacefully. I always loved sitting outside with my uncle, and so this simple little message packed quite a punch for me. I knew exactly what my uncle was telling her.

The other message Joanne gave that really hit home was that there was distance between my uncle and me at the time of his death. This was true, and I’ve always regretted it. My uncle was diagnosed with a terminal illness that took his life much quicker than expected. I was still too young at the time to be comfortable with death, and so I procrastinated going to see my uncle. As a result, there was distance between us and I never got to say goodbye.

Strangely enough, my uncle came through with this same message within a week of this reading in a reading I had with another medium. The two mediums had never met, lived in completely different states, and didn’t even know one another existed. And I ended up adding both mediums to my “best psychic mediums” list. What are the chances of that?

The final message Joanne got regarding my uncle was simply a memory of how both he and my father loved to fish. Both my uncle and my father each had campers on the back of their four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, and our families used to drive down to the beaches of Cape Cod to park the campers, sleep there overnight right on the beach, and fish until there weren’t any fish left in the ocean. We’d make campfires, cook the fish we’d caught right on the fire, and eat our meals by the ocean. It was a great memory, and I was pleased that my father and uncle, through Joanne, reminded me of it.

Next came my grandmother, who loves to greet me at all my readings. She and I were very close. And she is also the mother of my father and uncle (mentioned above), so it was nice to see they were all together. The messages Joanne got from my grandmother, however, were different than anything my grandmother had communicated to me in any other reading.

Joanne told me that my grandmother was explaining how she wasn’t an educated woman, but that she was a knowledgeable woman, that she learned things at the school of hard knocks. And she worked very hard at trying to keep her family together, despite her husband leaving her with six children. She told Joanne that she would give and give, doing whatever she needed to do to help her kids. My grandmother wasn’t coming through in a pity-party manner, but really narrowed down the reality of her situation in a way that Joanne was able to convey articulately.

Joanne hit the nail on the head on several counts. She not only got the facts correct, she also managed to capture my grandmother’s personality in her messages.

By this time in the reading, Joanne had slammed me with high quality hits, one after the other since we began. There was no letting up. When I looked at my watch, I noticed that we were only about 25 minutes into the 60 minute reading. If everything Joanne had given me up to this point was the entirety of the reading, I would have considered the reading a success. But Joanne just kept going, like a boxer who gained a second wind, she continued pounding me with messages that were both accurate and impressive.

For the sake of time, I’m going to highlight the rest of my reading to speed this article up. Joanne gave me so much information, I can’t even write about all of it.

v     Joanne talked about a remodeling project going on at our house… Absolutely Correct! We had a roof leak that caused a mildew problem behind the walls.

v     My father came through again, talking about how I’m a workaholic, just like him, and how I need to take some time for myself. He even suggested that I take some time to go to Vermont.

v     My father told Joanne that there was a round clock on my desk, not a digital, that wasn’t working. I actually have two watches on my desk that both need batteries or fixing—neither work. They’re on my desk to remind me to get them fixed.

v     My father mentioned that my mother has been having problems walking—this is correct, due to Neuropathy.

v     My father said that my mother talks to him at night, and he wants her to know that he hears her. I later asked my mother about this and she admitted it was true—she said she talks to my father at night.

v     My father showed Joanne a thermometer and told her it was a stress-o-meter. He was showing her that my stress level is currently high because I’ve taken on so many projects—Correct again. I run OfSpirit.com Magazine, BestPsychicMediums.com, GriefAndBelief.com, I’m writing my own book and ghostwriting a biography for someone else, plus writing, filming and producing a documentary. Yikes!

v     Joanne also knew, from my father, that I’m currently writing another book.

v     Joanne acknowledged that I have another uncle named Jim (my father’s other brother).

v     Joanne picked up on some physical problems a particular relative of mine is having. She knew this person’s exact relationship to me, and the area of the physical issue. People in spirit recommended getting it checked right away, so I relayed the message. Joanne also knew that this person was stubborn, and that he was likely not to listen to the message. He didn’t.

v     Joanne said that a man named Joseph was present in spirit. That he was a small, quiet man, and that I have pictures of him. My grandfather on my mother’s side is named Joseph. He was small and quiet. And I do have pictures of him.

v     Joanne said that someone in the family is doing genealogy on the family, and that they would be contacting me about it. It is true, and they already did contact me about it.

v     Joanne gave me some personal messages about some upcoming eventsregarding my business. The news was welcomed.


In my conversation with Joanne Gerber after my reading, I recognized that she genuinely strives to provide her clients with undisputable evidence that their deceased loved ones still exist in spirit. And she seems to push herself as a medium to find that evidence that she could never have known. She’s one of those people who is never satisfied with what she is getting, always pushing herself to get more and asking spirit to help her by giving her new types of evidence beyond names, dates and physical descriptions—like street names, career descriptions, even house numbers. And once those types of evidence are commonplace in her readings, she stretches herself to find new forms of evidence.

“My intention in this work is to help and to heal. I want to assist people in finding closure. I want people to know their loved ones are really coming through when they have a reading with me. And I want them to have no doubt in their mind that they communicated with their loved ones when the reading is done,” Joanne told me.

Joanne is a medium with compassion, someone who is truly interested in what you—the client—gets out of the reading in terms of evidence, closure and healing. And I certainly recognized that in my own reading with her.

In conclusion: This reading really got my blood pumping. As I mentioned, I was so enthusiastic about it when it was over that I ran downstairs to tell my wife all about it.

To be completely honest, I rarely get excited about readings anymore. That would be like a bus driver getting excited about a bus ride. Been there, done that. But this reading felt like a ride at the amusement park—nonstop thrills, one after the other—because I get enthusiastic when I discover a fantastic medium.

Joanne Gerber raised the bar for me in a way that just made it harder for other mediums to get on my list. She filled my hour with evidence of an afterlife. Every medium on my list has their niche that made them stand out among the hundreds I’ve tested. Joanne’s is nonstop messages from deceased loved ones, which include physical descriptions, personalities, past memories, current events, names, dates and ages… just like she promised.

If you have some skepticism… maybe need some proof that your loved one still exists… and don’t want vague generalities or messages filled with unsubstantiated information…then call Joanne Gerber today for a reading. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same successful reading that I had, but if you do, it will knock your socks off, and possibly change your life.

Joanne gives readings to anyone around the world by telephone. Just give her a call at781-883-5403 to book an appointment or visit her website at www.joannegerber.com. And be sure to tell her that you read about her in Bob Olson’s article.


Bob Olson
OfSpirit.com Magazine editor
BestPsychicMediums.com founder


Former Catholic Nun Communicates With Deceased Loved Ones: Discovering The Extraordinary Mediumship Of Janet Nohavec

Former Catholic Nun Communicates With Deceased Loved Ones: Discovering The Extraordinary Mediumship Of Janet Nohavec

by Bob Olson

If you are new to OfSpirit.com Magazine, BestPsychicMediums.com or GriefAndBelief.com, you might already know that I am the founder and editor of OfSpirit.com Magazine and the two above-mentioned websites, but you probably do not know that I have also researched spirit communication, near-death experience, after-death communication and spiritual regression for approximately seven years. And I have been writing about my best experiences with practitioners in these fields to help guide people like you toward “genuine and legitimate” practitioners, and away from phonies, frauds and scam artists.

This article is one of a series I have written to introduce to you, and the millions of other visitors to my websites, to the genuine and legitimate psychic mediums I have discovered during my, now, seven-year research into psychic mediums and the afterlife. I began researching mediumship in January 1999, and I’ve now had readings from hundreds of mediums around the world, giving me the unique opportunity to compare the “exceptional” from the “good” from the “fair” from the “poor.” Today, after experiencing readings from the best of the best, my standards for getting onto my list are so high that very few people are eligible. This article is about one of the exceptional readings I’ve had, which is why this psychic medium is now on my list.

I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of “Thank you” emails from people around the world who have tested these practitioners for themselves and have had life-changing experiences as a result. However, I’ve only added one new psychic medium to my “Genuine & Legitimate Psychic Mediums List” in the last four years, so you can imagine how happy I was to recently discover another worthy candidate. Plus, there is something that makes this spirit messenger so unique that I think you’re going to be as excited as I am. This psychic medium was once a Catholic nun.


Naturally, you don’t have to be Catholic to get a reading from Janet Nohavec. Anyone, with a background in any religion, will benefit from her gift of spirit communication. I’m merely thrilled to introduce this gifted medium to the millions of Catholics around the world because I was raised Catholic, and I, therefore, recognize that many Catholics are hesitant to try anything new when it borders on the spiritual, and that includes mediumship. Having grown up Catholic myself, I recognize how comforting it would be to get a reading from a former nun, especially if you are new to spirit communication. Who could possibly better understand your apprehension, skepticism or fear than a former nun or priest?

When I first learned about mediumship, I—like so many others—wondered what the official word was on spirit communication in the Catholic Church. So I did my own, unofficial poll whenever I came in contact with a priest. What I discovered was that there doesn’t seem to be an “official” word on it. It all depends on which priest you ask.

The old school priests with no interest in mediumship usually told me that communication with Spirit should be left to priests. Of course, they were referring to Spirit with a capital S. Nevertheless, not one ever told me it was wrong to see a medium. They just wanted to keep all spiritual matters within the church.

The more open-minded priests, usually those under the age of 65, told me that if a reading with a psychic medium raises your spiritual awareness and connection, it was a positive experience that they would encourage. A few even admitted to me privately that they have been to a medium themselves. In fact, on the flip side, I know several mediums who have told me that they have given readings to both priests and nuns, Janet Nohavec possibly more than any of them.

People change as times change. And in this light, there are a growing number of people, myself included, who now feel, or are beginning to feel, a disconnection with the religion that their parents chose for them, and they are now seeking alternative, spiritual experiences of their own choice. So many people of all religions, again myself included, are now at a point where we prefer to call ourselves spiritual rather than religious. And, as spiritual people, we want to make up our own minds about matters of life, death and spirituality, rather than be dictated on what we should or should not believe.

Furthermore, there are the people who have endured tragic events in their life—the death of a loved one, serious illness or a tragic accident—who are seeking more definitive answers and a deeper understanding of why God allows children to die, innocent people to suffer, and bad things to happen to good people. I, too, was one of those people. And since my religion wasn’t providing those answers for me during my dark night of the soul, I sought to discover those answers through my own spiritual investigations, which included mediumship (spirit communication). I now feel I have an answer to my questions that provides me with an invaluable inner peace.

With all sincerity, I am grateful for the spiritual foundation that my childhood religion provided me. However, once I became an adult, I knew that I needed something more. I wanted to learn about other religions and spiritual teachings, and I wanted to pick and choose from each of them what would eventually become my own, private religion. I also wanted to begin having my own spiritual experiences without being judged for it. Such spiritual experiences included readings from psychic mediums, past-life regressions, afterlife communications, and learning about other people’s near-death experiences—all experiences that can have life-changing effects.

If, at the time of my transition from religious to spiritual, I had known about a former Catholic nun who offered readings for spirit communication—a medium who many priests and nuns comfortably go to for their own readings—I would have felt so much more at ease. And, if that former nun was also an extraordinarily gifted medium, I can’t even imagine how many years of skepticism she could have helped me to avoid—skepticism that certainly slowed my spiritual growth.

Well, that is exactly the person I have discovered in my seventh year of researching and testing psychic mediums. And while I’m no longer the skeptic I once was, I know that there are many of you who are, which is why I’m pleased to introduce you to psychic medium, Janet Nohavec.


Janet Nohavec owns homes in New York and New Jersey, and is the founder/pastor of a Spiritualist Church in New Jersey. As detailed on her church’s website, “As a young adult, Janet entered religious life and spent five years as a Catholic nun. After leaving the convent, she felt drawn to her work with mediumship and received extensive training to polish her gift. She now teaches and demonstrates mediumship internationally.”

As is the preferred method these days, Janet was recommended to me by another top medium from my list. When I tested her by getting a reading myself, she was facing a great deal of doubt from me. After all, I had only added one new person to my list in four years. And, to be honest, the standards of ability, integrity and responsibility that I require to be on my list are extremely difficult to meet. Nevertheless, Janet met my standards and passed my 15-point test with high honors.

Janet is not new to mediumship. She began focusing upon and improving her mediumship abilities more than 13 years ago. She even studied at the famous British school for psychic mediums, Stanstead, and was presented with the honor of becoming a tutor at that school. Eventually, years later, Janet founded her own Spiritualist church in New Jersey, and was given another honor as the first (and, as of this writing, the only) Spiritualist church in the United states under the Spiritualist’s National Union (UK). Janet is also the co-founder of The Journey Within school for mediumship, where she teaches evidential mediumship.


Janet Nohavec is one of those mediums who makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. In a word, she emanates “trust.” I didn’t know much about Janet when I first tested her, yet I intuitively knew she had integrity. It quickly became obvious as she gave me my reading. She’s not the type to give generalized messages. She gets right to the point, offering precise details like those you’ll read about in my reading to follow. Later, in my background investigation of her, I learned that she is well known among mediums who have never even met her. Some of the mediums whom I respect the most were aware of her positive work and told me they heard nothing but positive remarks about her.

Janet is a bit formal in her readings, meaning that she gets right down to business so as to not waste your time or money. But you also feel like you’re getting a reading from someone who cares about you, even though she doesn’t know you. I don’t know how she does this, but that’s how she made me feel, at least, and I have an inkling that all her clients feel the same way. And this is a character trait that I feel is important—I don’t want someone giving me a reading who doesn’t exude compassion. Janet Nohavec seems to be the definition of compassion. It is evident in her readings, her work as a church pastor, and her work as a teacher of mediumship.

Just as an example of Janet’s compassion, I asked her why she offers half-hour readings when she only makes half the money she could if she required full-hour readings. She told me that she gives full-hour readings to those who prefer it, but that she is able to reach more people, especially those who can’t afford a full-hour reading, by also offering the half-hour alternative—which many people choose. She added that the half-hour readings also allow her to touch more lives, since she can only do a limited number of readings each week.

The truth is that this is not a savvy decision for Janet, financially. She would likely earn twice what she makes if she required one-hour readings. But I love that she chooses helping more people over making more money. Not that I think all mediums should do this—I’m a big believer that abundance is empowering—but Janet’s choice clearly indicates where her priorities are focused. She chooses helping as many souls as possible above greater financial benefit to herself. That spells “compassion.”

Beginning the reading, Janet explained that she didn’t want me to tell her anything. She preferred I only acknowledge when I understood her messages from spirit. I was happy about this, as I prefer mediums not ask many questions. If a medium gives me some outstanding messages, I don’t want to wonder later if she deducted that information from something I told her during the reading. So I was immediately relieved when Janet told me she wouldn’t be prying me with questions. And she lived up to that promise, too, as I told her nothing about myself during the reading.

The first message Janet gave me was that there was a gentleman present, a father or grandfather figure, and that he had died from issues of the heart and lungs. She added that during his death, his breathing was affected due to his lungs being filled with fluid. That was a lot of information right off the start, and it was all correct.

I recognized this as my father coming through, and the information she gave about him was all true. My father had a weak heart due to a quadruple bypass years prior, and he was suffering with a recurring cancer in his lungs. At the time of his death, pneumonia was causing his lungs to fill with fluid.

This was a great start for Janet, as she gave me some powerful details right out of the gate: One, that my father was in spirit (he could have still been alive for all she knew); Two, that he had heart problems; Three, that he had lung problems; and Four, that his lungs were filling with fluid at the time of his death. That’s fantastic mediumship, but I waited for more. A medium has to do much better than this to qualify for my list.

Janet then told me that my father was a strict man, that he liked things done a certain way, and that he was apologizing for being so one-way about how he raised me. This, too, was accurate. My father was very strict in how he raised me. And, therefore, his apology was welcomed and accepted with forgiveness.

It’s little messages like these—information that might seem vague to you reading this, but is so dead-on accurate for me that it’s really quite specific—that really make a reading worthwhile. It’s also quite healing to have a parent in spirit apologize for something they did or didn’t do while here on earth. For me, having my father apologize for his iron rule not only made me feel good, but it also gave me an opportunity to forgive him.

So far, Janet went from identifying who from spirit was present to explaining how he passed, and now she gave me a personal message about both his character and his apology for being that way. Some mediums I’ve tested never get this much information in the entire reading. Janet blurted it out in the first few minutes.

Janet then told me that my father was showing her a stonewall, which she said could be a symbol of a boundary issue taking place. Again, this was another accurate message, and a great example of how our loved ones in spirit are watching over us in the present day. This boundary issue was a current matter in my life. In fact, the surveyor’s flags were still in my yard as Janet gave me this reading. It’s comforting to know that loved ones in spirit, as well as spirit guides, are aware of everything that’s going on in our lives. And this message from Janet was evidence of that.

In the same manner regarding current issues, Janet then said that my father was telling her that he’s aware of the problem involving the cemetery plots. Janet relayed my father’s concern with there not being enough plots to go around. I understood the message immediately, and it couldn’t have been more correct. Having recently had a headstone put on my father’s grave, my mother and I realized that there weren’t enough plots in this section of the cemetery for my sister, me and my wife, Melissa, to all be buried near my parents. There is a solution to the matter, but we had not yet handled what needed to be done. My father’s message through Janet was a good reminder that we needed to do this.

It really blows my mind when a psychic medium gives such specific details about current events, because there is no way Janet could have ever known about either of these matters. I’ve never written about the boundary issue or the cemetery plot issue in any of my articles. For that matter, these were such current events that I didn’t have time to write about them, nor tell anyone about them. Even my closest friends didn’t know about them.

When I critique a reading, I don’t merely count the hits versus the misses. I count the high quality hits versus the low quality hits. My reading with Janet provided lots of high quality hits, and the boundary and cemetery messages are two examples of a high quality hit. How many people are currently dealing with boundary issues at their home or a lack of plots to go around their family at the cemetery? These are not general messages that will fit most people. Hence, when they are accurate, they really make an impression.

Janet prides herself on offering readings of “evidential mediumship.” This refers to a reading that offers “evidence” of spirit communication—descriptions, names, memories and current issues—versus vague readings that merely tell you that your deceased mother or father are okay and watching over you. Those kinds of messages are okay AFTER the medium has provided rock-solid evidence that she is really in contact with your mother or father, but not before… and certainly not without any evidence at all. As a former skeptic, I’m all about evidential mediumship. I see absolutely no use for vague generalities without an initial foundation of evidence. And this is what Janet was giving me in my reading.

Janet then said that my father was giving her the name Bill or William, which is a name that my father always gives in my readings, although I’m not entirely sure why. I believe he’s telling me that his friend, Bill, who died shortly after him, is with him in spirit. But my father wasn’t giving any further information about it. In fact, he never does. Then, in the next message, Janet said my father was conveying the month of November to her. I believe that my father’s friend, Bill, died in November, but I’m not absolutely sure of it. This is one of those messages where your own lack of information can sometimes get in the way of the reading. So I assumed that my father was trying to tell me which Bill he was talking about by mentioning the month Bill died.

Janet then said that there was another woman present with my father. This woman, she said, had the energy of a worrier. Janet said she was given the visual of this woman constantly wringing her hands. I knew immediately that this was my grandmother, because my grandmother was always wringing her hands, nervously. Even as a boy, this nervous habit was something I noticed. And I guess that raising six children on her own (without my grandfather present) might have had something to do with it.

Janet then described this woman as wearing her hair off her shoulders, which was true, and going by the name of Mary, which almost made me fall out of my chair. She didn’t even guess; Janet just knew the name was Mary. My grandmother’s name was actually Eva, but she always went by the name of Mary (I don’t know why). I was especially impressed that Janet got the name correct, as this is a difficult task for most mediums.

Janet then mentioned seeing a black onyx ring with a Masonic emblem on it. She thought the message pertained to a grandfather in spirit. My grandfather died when I was only ten years old, but I recall being at his wake when several men—I was told they were “Masons”—arrived in a group at the funeral home and stood around the casket to say some prayers. They all came and left together, and it was a strange experience for me as a boy. I remember thinking at the time, after being told they were Masons, that I hadn’t known my grandfather was a bricklayer. This message from Janet brought back that memory and I finally, now being an adult, realize that my grandfather was a member of the Freemasons—he wasn’t a mason by trade. Once again, the evidence was both accurate and something that Janet could never have known—I didn’t even remember until she mentioned it.

This is a wonderful example of evidential mediumship in action. By mentioning the ring with the Masonic emblem, and then telling me that the person in spirit was a grandfather, I had no question in my mind who Janet was communicating with on the other side. I have to give the spirits communicating with Janet credit, too, since they were responsible for showing Janet the ring. I can only assume that they knew the ring would trigger my memory of my grandfather’s funeral service, thereby helping me to know which grandfather we were talking about.

Janet went on to tell me more information about my grandfather, but I didn’t know enough about my grandfather to verify its validity. Once she recognized this, she moved on in the reading to something else, which was considerate of my time. I was at least pleased to know that my grandfather had come to say hello.

Janet, with my father’s help, then went on to describe some photographs that I had of my father in my house: one on our mantle and one on my desk. She even knew that the one on the mantle was a picture of him when he was younger, and it was taken with him beside my mother. I guess that would have been embarrassing for her if I didn’t have a mantle in my house, or a desk, but she nailed both messages. This is another example of messages from spirit that provide current information that the medium could never know, and which illustrate how our deceased loved ones are aware of us, and watching over us from above—evidence that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside when it happens.

Janet then asked if my father smoked cigarettes. I told her he did. She said that he was telling her he smoked Camel cigarettes or Lucky Strikes, the kind of cigarette with no filter. I was amazed at this high quality hit. My father smoked Camel non-filter cigarettes since he was a teenager. He didn’t even quit after having half a lung removed due to cancer. I even tried to get him to switch to Camels with the filter, but he wouldn’t have it. In the end, the Camels are why his life ended at the early age of 63, so this was a rather poignant message in itself.

Having established solid evidence that she was communicating with my father, Janet then relayed some messages about how proud my father is of me and how much he loves me. Such messages are not convincing for you, the reader of this article, but they are always nice to get once the evidence has been established. I should also note that the first time I got messages like these from my father in spirit, I was soaked in tears. It can be quite an emotional experience. But now having had so many readings, I’m a bit spoiled in this way, and I don’t get as emotional as I once used to. However, I never tire of the experience.

Next, Janet fired off some fast messages about a series of different subjects. Time was running short on the reading, so she wanted to cover some additional ground.

First, she gave me evidence that my uncle was present. She described the uncle as leaving this life fairly quickly (which she said meant he learned of his illness and died shortly thereafter), and that there was distance between me and him before his death. With those messages, I had a feeling I knew who it was. If I was correct, this uncle was diagnosed with a terminal illness and died within weeks. Because I was young and unsure of how to approach a dying person, I procrastinated going to see him too long and never got to say goodbye. It was nice to know that he had come to my reading even though I hadn’t given him the same consideration. Janet went on to tell me that he had a very good energy about him as a fun and loving person. It was good to know that he hadn’t changed.

The next message was about a brother of mine who died shortly after birth. This I knew was true. She added that he died due to a lung or breathing problem, which is a detail I had to confirm with my mother. My mother later confirmed this as true, which I thought was pretty cool.

Janet then fired off some more messages: One about my future, suggesting that I’ll be working in England or Australia; Another about a family concern regarding a certain relative (she even identified the exact concern we are having); Another about some refurbishing that we’re doing at our home (she was right); Another about an antique my wife had purchased that my father enjoyed (he was an antique dealer towards the end of his life, so the message made perfect sense that my father would mention it); And she gave me several other messages that would likely be boring to you if I listed them all.

My father’s final two messages involved a coin and my career. First, he was congratulating me about “a metal coin, the size of a silver dollar,” that my father was calling a “prize piece.” I knew immediately what the message meant. A month prior, I had received a military “coin of excellence” from a colonel at Fort Lewis in Washington for a documentary I’m producing. The coin is exactly the size of a silver dollar, and it is made of metal. After getting the coin, I later learned that military officers give these coins out fairly liberally, so I didn’t think much of it, although I still keep it on my desk. But this is just the sort of thing that would have caused my father to beam with pride. In fact, I thought of him when I received it. So Janet’s message was quite meaningful, because it was nice for me to know that my father was aware of it. And, again, no one except a few people in the world even knew about this coin. There is no way that Janet, who lives at least 500 miles away from me, could have known about it.

The second and final message my father had for me involved work. He was urging me to do something that I’ve known I need to do, but I’ve been putting it off for quite some time now. However, my father insisted that my procrastination is holding me back, and I needed to get underway with this new project as soon as possible. Janet not only had the details correct, but she was also correct about my delaying it and how important it is for me to do. It was just like getting advice from my father when he was on alive. And it was wonderful to know that he is aware of the work I do.


Janet Nohavec is gifted psychic medium who focuses her readings on “evidential mediumship.” I’m a huge fan of evidential mediumship, because if you have any degree of skepticism, you want evidential mediumship to give you whatever amount of evidence is required to establish proof of spirit communication (proof being subjective to every individual).

You definitely do not want a practitioner who is going to give you generalities. That will leave you empty and disappointed. But a reading with Janet will leave you with hits, high quality hits, that will have you saying to yourself, “There is no other way she could have known that, and no other conclusion that can be made, except to conclude that these messages came from my loved one in spirit.”

My reading with Janet Nohavec was exceptional, but what’s more is that this was just a half-hour reading! I can’t even imagine how much information she would have given me in a full hour. Personally, if I were giving advice to my family members or friends, I’d recommend that you get a one-hour reading just to maximize your experience. But at least Janet offers the half-hour reading for those who want a top dollar reading but don’t want to pay top dollar. So you have a choice. And that’s nice, too.

Janet Nohavec offers readings by telephone to anyone around the world by calling 973-633-7884. And you can learn more about her by visiting her website at: www.janetnohavec.com or emailing her atjanet@janetnohavec.com

As with most gifted practitioners whom I write about, I recommend that you book an appointment fast, because once the millions of visitors to my websites read about her, she’ll be booking up quickly. Be sure to tell Janet that you read about her in Bob Olson’s article.


The Psychic Medium Who Is Recommended By Top Psychic Mediums

The Psychic Medium Who Is Recommended By Top Psychic Mediums

by Bob Olson

I had been hearing about an extraordinarily-gifted psychic medium for about two years named Carole Lynne. Interestingly, these raving compliments were coming from other gifted mediums I knew and respected, so she came highly recommended.

Since many of these psychic mediums often had long waiting lists due to their popularity and word-of-mouth referrals, these mediums needed a psychic medium they respected and trusted to refer their clients when their waiting lists grew too long. Since these psychic mediums’ reputations were at stake, they were very careful about whom they recommended. That’s why they referred their clients to Carole Lynne.

Carole Lynne used to keep a low profile when it came to her mediumship. She had a successful career in the world of public speaking, and she is an accomplished writer, singer and musician. But my experience has taught me that when a medium is as gifted as Carole Lynne, they eventually have to create more room in their life for spirit communication. After all, who grows up thinking they want a career as a psychic medium? Sometimes, however, the Universe has plans for us that we can’t foresee. Long story short, Carole Lynne is now focusing more of her time on this bizarre, yet blessed, gift she has been given.

Even before meeting her, I knew Carole Lynne was exceptionally gifted simply based on what other psychic mediums had told me about her. Nevertheless, regardless of how much I respect these other mediums’ opinions, I always test a psychic medium for myself before I’ll even consider writing about them. Even then, I only write about the very best. So here I am writing about Carole Lynne.

At 61 years of age, Carole Lynne has more life experience behind her than most other gifted mediums I know. And this maturity and wisdom comes through in her readings. First, she is extremely organized and in control of her readings. I was immediately impressed when she told me how many spirits showed up for my reading—six—and then politely communicated to the spirits that she would get to them “one at a time.”

If you haven’t had a reading before, I will warn you that some psychic mediums of lesser experience are disorganized and out of control. With these mediums, evidence will tend to be all over the place, with names and dates coming at you with no continuity to the reading. Such chaotic readings leave you with lots of messages, but you are never sure which message goes with which spirit. The whole experience can be confusing, disappointing, and often, not very convincing.

Carole Lynne reminded me how clear and concise a reading can be. With six spirits eager to give me messages, my reading could have been like a scene on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Instead, Carole Lynne gave me ordered and easy-to-understand messages from one spirit at a time. First, my grandmother came through. Later, my father. After that, my grandfather. Next was my aunt. By the time we finished, I had clear communication—filled with both evidence and advice—from six different people in spirit. This type of organization and control is rare among psychic mediums, and it was both a joy and an education for me to see what is possible. Every medium should strive for this type of linear cohesion and harmony in their readings.

I feel it is important to point out Carole Lynne’s age because I see it as an asset. Many people feel more comfortable with a medium with such maturity and wisdom. I believe it is vitally important to match your personality with the personality of the psychic medium when choosing which medium is right for you. If you are the type of person who relates better to someone in their 60’s over someone in their 30’s, or you simply feel more comfortable getting intimate messages about your life from someone more mature, then Carole Lynne is the psychic medium for you. But there is more to Carole Lynne’s personality than just her life experience.

Carole Lynne is without question a woman of integrity. This is one of my top measures for choosing a psychic medium with whom I will work. In illustration of her character, she works hard to balance her support of the Spiritualist Church with her calling as a medium who is gaining more and more media attention. It is difficult for all psychic mediums to balance their service to others with the demands of their career and financial needs. Carole Lynne manages her stability in both areas with admirable principles and, as mentioned, gleaming integrity. She is not a medium who is in this line of work for the money. She follows her calling because of the spiritual benefit it provides people.

I should also mention, however, that Carole Lynne is no old lady. I can only hope to havehalf the energy and vitality that Carole Lynne has when I’m in my 60’s. And you can tell from her photo that genetics have served her well. The only signs of her age come from her sense of conviction, compassion and an inner knowing that she projects in her readings and in her life.

I highly recommend Carole Lynne to anyone interested in a magical and well-structured reading that will unite you with loved-ones who have crossed to the other side. You will know that you have connected with people you have lost, and you will walk away from the reading knowing that they are happy there and free from all earthly suffering. Carole Lynne genuinely cares about giving you the best reading she can provide, and she has proven to me that she is exceptionally gifted in order to do that. Carole Lynne gives readings both in person and by telephone to anyone from around the world. Call her at 617-964-0058 to make an appointment. Don’t delay, take advantage of the fact that this article about her is new and her waiting list may still be reasonable.

Carole Lynne is the author of a wonderful new book, How To Get A Good Reading From A Psychic Medium. She offers autographed copies via her website: www.carolelynne.com

Unlock The Mystery Of Your Life’s Journey With Messages From The Masters

Unlock The Mystery Of Your Life’s Journey With Messages From The Masters

by Bob Olson

Spiritual Insight To Change Your Life With Psychic, Spiritual Teacher & Channel for Healing, Laura Scott

I haven’t written an article about a psychic medium in a long time because my standards for what makes a medium exceptional have increased so much that only the very top spirit messengers now impress me. In fact, my yardstick for measuring the gifted abilities of psychic mediums has even outgrown some mediums I once thought were good. Yet, every so often a new medium comes along who exceeds my expectations and recharges my enthusiasm for mediumship. This article is about one such psychic medium who impressed me so much that my yardstick is now higher than ever.

In my book, Medium Rare, I talk about something called a “knowing.” Basically, it is the stage beyond the “belief” stage where one has obtained enough evidential experience toknow that we survive death. The benefits of knowing are life changing. However, since writing that book, I have asked myself, “If psychic mediums allow us to become knowers, what type of spiritual practitioner assists us in going beyond knowing—to a greater depth of spiritual enlightenment?” I believe I have finally found the answer in a woman who recently reminded me of how magnificent a private reading can be. Her name is Laura Scott.

I have had the unique privilege of having over 100 readings with gifted psychic mediums from around the world. Some are good, some not so good, and some are so incredibly powerful that I find myself bubbling over with excitement for days after my reading with them. My reading with Laura Scott was exactly this phenomenal.

Part of what made my reading with Laura so special is her ability to “channel” spirit in addition to her mediumship. Mediumship is straight spirit communication where the psychic medium acts as a messenger between the spirit and the sitter (the person getting the reading). Channeling is where Laura actually allows the spirit to take over her body while she steps back into the depths of an even deeper trance. In this case, the spirit communicates with the sitter directly using the channel’s body and voice.

Most mediumship readings do not generally communicate wisdom from spiritual masters, ascended beings or advanced spirits from heaven. There are exceptions to every rule, as when our spirit-guides offer advice through a medium, but most readings with mediums focus on communication with our deceased loved-ones. Just watch John Edward on his TV show, Crossing Over With John Edward, and what you will see are straightforward messages from deceased loved-ones that provide evidence of an afterlife—not messages conveying universal wisdom. Channeling, on the other hand, usually does bring forth messages of wisdom from higher-level beings. And this is why channeled readings can stimulate a new level of soul growth.

Each gifted ability—mediumship and channeling—have their purpose and unique benefits. Neither is more important or impressive than the other. A reading with a psychic medium provides us with invaluable evidence that we survive death, that our deceased loved-ones still exist (although not physically), and that our loved-ones in spirit are watching over us from the other side. Until we have a “knowing” that this is true, we cannot fully gain from the channeled messages of advanced spiritual beings. Our remaining skepticism, however minuscule, will impede us from the full benefit of it. But once we have a knowing, Laura Scott’s mixture of mediumship and channeling can help us reach a new level of enlightenment.

Channeling requires so much trust between the channel and the spirit that most channels do not allow just any spirit to enter their body. Most channels establish a rapport with one, or at most a few, spirits who are given exclusive permission to enter their body. Laura works with a group of ascended beings known as The Committee. The Committee communicates both “to” Laura (as a psychic medium) and “through” Laura (as a channel) to offer insight and understanding for our soul growth. Although The Committee is agroup of enlightened beings, they act as one in their service with Laura.

Laura’s voice changes when she goes deeper into trance to allow The Committee to speak through her. For lack of a better way of describing it, the voice sounded to me like a male figure with a high-pitched Irish brogue— that’s my experience, not Laura’s. As Laura channeled The Committee through, I felt honored and grateful to be in the presence of these Masters. And they had me pegged in their advice to me, knowing my personal issues and struggles as if they could see inside my head. Their counsel was accurate, helpful and remarkably perceptive.

I write my articles about psychic mediums for two reasons: One, I want to tell you about the most gifted psychic mediums whom I have met so that you will not fall into the hands of phonies and frauds. And two, I want you to be able to choose which medium best fits your individual needs and personality. My explanation above about what makes Laura Scott special is in no way intended to diminish the value and benefit of other psychic mediums about whom I have written. It is to point out what is unique about Laura’s gifted abilities so that you can choose if she is the right spiritual practitioner for you.

Laura Scott is psychic medium and channel with an unusually sweet voice that will immediately make you feel at peace. Her intent in her work is pure and she has proven to me to be a woman with high integrity. She also refers to herself as a healer, not a hands-on healer who heals you from the outside in, but rather a healer who assists you in healing yourself from the inside out. She does this by providing you with discerning messages from your spirit guides and The Committee.

While I obviously have a glowing review of my reading with Laura, I also must explain the proper timing for such a reading. A typical reading with Laura is best for people who have already overcome their skepticism about spirit communication and are looking for something beyond messages that primarily provide evidence of an afterlife. Laura’s readings assume that you are already what I call a “knower,” perhaps due to previous experience with a psychic medium or your own private sacred experience. Laura begins with this assumption so that she can better utilize your reading time with messages of guidance and advice.

If you are wondering if psychic mediums are real and you are not yet convinced that your deceased loved-ones are presently watching over you from the spirit world—or if you are seeking communication with someone who has passed on—then what you need is a private reading with one of the other extraordinary mediums I recommend. But if you are seeking a reading that will bring forth a new depth of insight to help stretch your spiritual growth—with messages that reach into the very core of your being and touch upon some issues that you may have been avoiding—then you are the perfect candidate for a reading with Laura Scott.

Call Laura at (Toll Free) 1-866-897-1504 to make an appointment, prepare yourself with important questions for your spirit-guides and The Committee, and get ready for an hour of enlightened wisdom that could propel you to a new level within your soulful journey. Laura gives readings by phone with people all over the world. Tell her Bob Olson sent you.

Laura Scott is the author of a wonderful new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Divining The Future. Laura Scott: (Toll Free) 1-866-897-1504, www.ancientstardust.com


“Better Than Years Of Psychotherapy” Psychic Medium Delivers Physical, Emotional And Relational Healing

“Better Than Years Of Psychotherapy”
Psychic Medium Delivers Physical, Emotional And Relational Healing

by Bob Olson

If you could feel the enthusiasm I have for the gifted psychic medium I am about to tell you about, my energy would jump off your computer monitor and fill you with a zest for life that would have you jumping off your chair. Okay, so I’m just a little excited about the reading I got from psychic, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, Pat McKenna! Now let me tell you why my reading was so absolutely brilliant.

As you probably now know, I’ve had readings with some of the best of the bunch, the most gifted and truly the most effective psychic readers alive. I am now at a point where I keep raising my standards for what makes a psychic medium fantastic. So when I write an article about a medium these days, you can be sure they are something special. What makes my job exciting is when I find someone who pushes the envelope on what is possible and adds a new exciting dimension to their reading that I have never before experienced. Pat McKenna did all of this and more. And it was one of the most psychologically healing readings I have ever had—no exaggeration!

Pat McKenna communicates with spirits, but she does it in her own unique way and with a specific focus in mind. Rather than actually see and hear spirits, Pat reads words that your spirit-guides put in her mind’s eye. The benefit of her reading words over listening to their voices is that the messages come through with exceptional clarity and speed. Most psychic mediums who hear spirits often have difficulty making out what some spirits are saying. As I’ve described in other articles explaining spirit communication, it is like listening to a faint radio station. For Pat, the words that pass in front of her appear sharp and understandable. Hence, her readings parallel what she sees—they, too, are clear-cut and comprehensible. This brings a remarkable flow to the reading that leaves you with no guessing, only clean, straightforward, messages.

Pat also sees images in her mind that she calls “pictorial metaphors.” These come through more like mini-movies than snapshots. The images Pat sees present a depth of insight about your life and where it is going. I really enjoyed these metaphoric depictions of my life and I gained a tremendous amount of understanding about myself from them. As Pat is often told by her clients, one reading with her is like getting months of psychotherapy sessions—instant transformation.

The specific focus that Pat has for each reading is healing, which comes in many possible forms. This may be attitudinal healing, mental and emotional healing, relational healing, even physical healing and diagnosis. Much of the healing that comes from a reading with Pat is due to messages that help us with personal development and problem solving—including some problems or issues of which we are not even aware. Let me give you some examples from my own reading.

I had no idea what to expect in my reading with Pat. I had never heard of someone who could “read words” from spirit.  The messages Pat received came from my spirit guides: including men, women and one angelic force with what Pat described as a powerful energy. Pat started out with an overview of my life and where it was going.

The overview often comes through for Pat as a pictorial metaphor. In my reading, Pat saw me as a boy sitting on hill. Under me were copper plates that reflected my image as I looked down. The image and message meant that I was truly in this life for a ride (no complacency). I was sitting safely on the hill, but when I got nervous and looked down I would see my reflection which represented my ego that wanted to control things. Long story short, this overview depicted that this life was a lesson in surrendering to the Universe and trusting it. It would teach me that whenever I tried to control anything, I would fall further down the hill. This is true for anyone, but these are lessons that have hit hard for this former control freak.

Pat then gave me messages from my spirit-guides of how this lesson would be incorporated into my future. Lucky for me, the messages came forth with an optimistic forecast. Apparently, this spiritual journey I’ve been on for the last three-and-a-half years is having a positive impact.

Next in my reading, Pat went into my early childhood to see the events and circumstances that formed the attitudes that would affect my entire life. Pat told me that most of her clients continue to deal with these attitudes well into adulthood—with some people never shedding these attitudes before they pass on. This is neither good nor bad, but most of us have attitudinal issues that would serve us well to eliminate.

First Pat went into my “pre-birth attitudes.” Again beginning with an image, Pat saw me as a child skateboarding into life. I had my baseball cap on sideways and I came in fast and in control. The boy said, “This is going to be an easy mission if I keep it simple and do not complicate it.” Again, that message of trusting the process and my own intuitive instincts underlies the image. Pat then jumped to my future and explained how this attitude would play out for me. Once hearing her describe it, it was obviously important that I keep this lesson in mind at all times.

Next another image quickly followed: me as “a policeman directing traffic who was practically dancing with tremendous compassion, high ambition and high intuition.” The policeman directing traffic portrayed my life in the work I do now and will be doing even more in the coming years. My articles, books and magazine help direct people to the most gifted and appropriate practitioners for healing and spiritual growth. This is work about which I am extremely passionate. And it is this passion (based in compassion for others) that makes it feel more like a dance than a job and drives my ambition with effortless force.

The “high intuition” aspect of that image came with the message that I need to follow my intuition over my intellect. My guides told me through Pat that I will falter whenever I think things through too much—the paralysis of analysis. Again, trusting in my connection with the Universe will better guide me. Just imagine a police officer directing traffic with too much contemplation—a quick recipe for a traffic jam!

With each image, Pat McKenna not only interpreted it, but also applied it to my life at different ages. With the skateboard metaphor, she had stories to convey about my past-lives. With the policeman metaphor, she told me about issues I overcame at the age of twelve. She specifically spoke of incidents that occurred in school with other children of which she could not have been more accurate. Remembering these incidents, and hearing about the lessons I learned in other lifetimes, was immensely healing. And it all made so much sense, like answers I had subconsciously been searching for over many years.

These types of messages from Pat covered other years of my childhood, from birth to age three, until Pat had revealed the core of what made up my psychological attitude. In essence, she brought to light the best and worst of what has made me… well, me. And the reason this was healing was due to illuminating this essence of what makes me “Bob Olson.” It was much more than revealing, however; it was an epiphany that changed my view of myself—in a most affirmative and constructive way. For this reason, I can honestly say that my reading with Pat was life altering.

The second part of my reading was equally enjoyable. These messages dealt with the relationships in my life, beginning with my parents. You know how we sometimes wonder why particular people are in our lives? This is the part of the reading where we can find answers to such questions. And, again, I have to say it was both accurate and confirming.

I won’t get into this very personal aspect of my reading with you, but I should tell you that Pat’s messages had my father, my mother, my sister, my wife and a few other relatives pegged. In fact, I can truthfully say that Pat knew aspects about each person, and my relationship with each person, which even I had never thought about before, but they could not have been better expressed. Once these messages came through, I had a much better understanding of each person and the reason each person is in my life. I have no doubt that the insight I gained from this reading will add a new verve to my relationships with these people.

My father, who is now deceased, arrived in spirit to Pat during this part of my reading. It was a joyful reunion. He expressed to Pat the pride and elation he felt at my birth and during my childhood. Pat also described aspects of my father’s personality and life-events with uncanny accuracy. She was undoubtedly with him at that moment of my reading and it was obvious that his affection for me inflated Pat’s energy with love and joy. This part of the reading was very similar to that of other top psychic mediums with whom I’ve had readings, yet I got the added benefit of a psychological understanding of why my father lived his life the way he did.

Finally, Pat allowed me to ask questions about any area of my life that I wanted further insight. For the purpose of testing Pat—because I had a great deal of clarity in these areas—I chose career and marriage. Pat again impressed me with the detailed accuracy of her messages. This is a woman who had never met me before this reading, yet she spoke as if she had known me for years. And her predictions for my future paralleled the predictions I had received from other gifted psychic mediums and even spiritual practitioners such as two astrologers, a tarot card reader and a palm reader (honestly, they all had the same in depth messages for my future including dated timelines).

What a gift it was to myself to be able to have a reading that not only allowed me to receive messages from the spirits who watch over and guide me, but also to be able to discover what I am in this life to learn, what pre-birth and childhood issues helped to create the person I am today, why certain people are in my life and how to improve those relationships, and then get meaningful answers to my questions regarding my career, my relationships, my body, my emotional and psychological makeup, my past-lives or anything else I wish to ask my spirit guides.

My reading with Pat McKenna proved to me that she has a most unusual and versatile gift. Because of the way it works—reading words that she sees in her mind’s eye—the messages are remarkably clear and direct. And because she is extremely adept at reaching into and healing emotional and relational issues, as well as childhood trauma issues, I recommend a reading with Pat for anyone who has used therapy for years with little-to-no success.

If you are interested in having this type of rewarding and therapeutic experience, tell Pat that you read Bob Olson’s article about her and you want to have a reading just like mine. It may just change your life.

Pat can do readings in person and by phone with anyone around the world. Her telephone number is toll-free 888-COYOTE1 (888-269-6831).

Pat McKenna
Toll-Free 888-269-6831


Boston’s Best-Kept Secret Reveals Tangible Evidence Of An Afterlife

Boston’s Best-Kept Secret Reveals Tangible Evidence Of An Afterlife

by Bob Olson


Spirit Drawing By Rita Berkowitz

Spirit Drawing By Rita Berkowitz

In case you haven’t been paying attention to all the media hype, there are people in this world who can communicate with spirits from the other side. They are called psychic mediums, or what I prefer to describe as “spirit messengers.” Whatever you prefer to call them, these spiritually gifted folks actually can see dead people—just like in the movie The Sixth Sense (although it is not at all scary the way Hollywood portrayed it).

You have probably heard of some of the more famous psychic mediums like John Edward, Sylvia Browne, George Anderson or James Van Praagh. All are bestselling authors and have been featured all over the media, including television shows like Larry King Live, Montel Williams, 20/20, 60 Minutes and Oprah. John Edward even has his own immensely popular television show on the Sci-Fi Channel called Crossing Over With John Edward. But there are also many lesser-known psychic mediums who are as equally gifted as these major publicity moguls.

Mediumship is a rare gift, but there are more genuine and legitimate mediums in the world than most people might expect. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most gifted mediums on the planet who are not widely known or highly publicized. These mediums have as much to offer as the celebrity mediums we watch on television and read about in their books. This is why I feel compelled to tell the world about them through my writing, so as to guide people toward the genuine mediums and away from the phonies and frauds (yes, they exist too).

One of these incredibly gifted, although not so famous, psychic mediums is from the Boston area. While she may not be widely known across the country, she has already earned a high reputation among Bostonians, even many New Englanders. Her name is Rita Berkowitz, and she takes the gift of mediumship to a new level—she can draw the spirits she sees as a medium. Rita is known as a Spirit Artist.

As if communicating with your deceased relatives wasn’t exciting enough, Rita also gives you a spirit drawing as additional “tangible” evidence that these people coming through in the reading continue to exist. Imagine getting a drawing of your deceased parent, grandparent, spouse, child or friend from a woman who has never met you and knows absolutely nothing about you. How much peace-of-mind might that provide you to know that your loved-one is still alive and well—and watching over you—in the spirit world? The emotional benefits of such a priceless gift are life-changing.

Once I had heard about Rita Berkowitz from other well-respected mediums, I couldn’t wait to get a drawing done by her. After two years of meeting some extremely gifted mediums, I felt I had seen it all. Then Rita’s gift exceeded my belief system once again. During the reading, Rita communicated with my deceased father and grandmother as several mediums had done before her, telling me things about my life that she could never have known or even guessed. Then came the shocking new twist. After verbally describing my grandmother with details about her skin, her eyes, her hair and her style of dress, Rita then drew a picture of my grandmother as if she were sitting right there in the room with us.

Since I was used to getting readings from mediums, I rarely got emotional the way I once had when I was new to mediumship. But seeing my grandmother’s face appear on Rita’s drawing pad was an especially emotional experience. Of course, Rita was also offering me verbal messages from my grandmother, so the combination of verbal communication and visual validation added an extra impact to the reading. It was a special bonus to be able to walk away from the reading with something as concrete as this drawing to share with my friends and family members.

I also had the opportunity to look at Rita’s portfolio of spirit drawings. Inside the portfolio are copies of some drawings she has done throughout her career as a psychic medium and spirit artist. Next to these drawings, Rita has photographs of each person she drew, taken while they were still here on earth. Rita’s clients brought these photographs back from home after the drawings were done, sometimes years later. Seeing these photographs next to the drawings is a poignant experience. The resemblance can be so remarkable that it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Some of the drawings look exactly like the photographs, even with the same ponytail in the hair, the same jewelry or the same clothing. Still, some of the photographs are not one-hundred percent exact, but the facial distinctions (the eyes, nose, ears or mouth) are so clear and obvious that there is no question who Rita was drawing. Even when an artist draws a person who is still living, the drawing is not always an identical portrayal. But you know who the person is because the artist captures the most significant attributes of that person’s face.

In my grandmother’s case, it was the eyes that were the first identifying marker. My grandmother had markings under her eyes that were unique, and Rita’s drawing made me feel as if my grandmother was looking straight at me. Rita also perfectly matched the hair, mouth and even the dress style (if not an exact dress she used to wear). Plus, Rita was able to verbally describe my grandmother’s sallow skin, her brownish hazel eyes, her slightly crooked nose, and her “home perm”—all details that she made sure to describe in words in case her chalks could not properly duplicate the color, shape or texture.

Rita is a gifted psychic medium who doesn’t need her drawings to alter one’s life with her readings. Her gift of spirit communication alone can change the course of one’s life. I know the messages she gave to me from my grandmother were as valuable as the picture she drew. And being a counselor, Rita is professionally capable of dealing with the many issues that may come up during a reading, bereavement issues being just one. But it is Rita’s spirit artistry that clearly sets her gift apart from other mediums, and allows her to give something extra to her clients.

You may also ask Rita to draw one of your “spirit guides.” Spirit guides are souls from the spirit world who watch over us and guide us through life. We may know them from this lifetime, but not necessarily. A spirit guide may be someone we know from another lifetime, or know only from our time in the spirit world. Their assistance may never be completely known or understood while we are here on earth, but their help to us is invaluable. Many people enjoy knowing what their spirit guide looks like, and some believe that the drawing brings them closer to that guide. Whatever your beliefs, Rita has been very successful drawing spirit guides and many of her clients have raved to me about the personal and spiritual benefits they received from that service.

Rita Berkowitz does psychic medium readings, spirit drawings, or a combination of the two for her clients. She can do these over the telephone to anyone in the world, as well as in person. If you have her do a drawing by phone, she can mail it to you. Her fees are generously priced. As I’ve said before, most people don’t think twice about spending the same amount of money going out to eat, buying a new outfit or splurging on some new shoes; why not invest in something that could benefit your life in such a positive way? Call Rita today at (781) 826-8107. And to be fair, I should warn you that many of the mediums we have written about in the past have become so busy that they needed to increase their prices just to meet the demand. Call Rita now while her prices are so very reasonable.

For more information about Rita and here appearances see her Profile on OfSpirit.com
Rita Berkowitz: (718) 826-8107

Medium Rare: The Skeptic & The Psychic

Medium Rare: The Skeptic & The Psychic

by Bob Olson

On Friday the 15th of January, 1999, my newly published book was released. I’ll admit it was exciting. However, a couple days after its release I had a talk with my father. That was a great deal more exciting because my father had been dead for almost two years. And this is where my story begins.

My wife, Melissa, and I were at her parents’ summer home in Wells, Maine for a long weekend. The New England weather had been furious, biting cold with tankards of snow. Homeowners, business owners, and even the town highway departments could not contend with the persistent snowfall, so roads and driveways were spotted with icy-white glaciers where the snow had become petrified on the asphalt.

Because Melissa’s brother, Derek, and I were both donning large bruises on our derrieres due to the icy driveway, we thought it wise to spread some sand before someone really got hurt. Living so close to the ocean, the beach seemed the obvious place to obtain a bucket of sand. Later we learned there are laws against such an act. Thinking about it in hindsight, that makes sense. But at the time, we were just two dumb cavemen finding a solution to our problem.

Derek had recently visited a nearby psychic medium, someone who communicates with spirits. So during our trip to the ocean, he enthusiastically narrated the amazing details she revealed about his life, “Information she could never have known,” he exclaimed. “Things you and Melissa don’t even know,” he added for emphasis. The story lasted until the driveway was covered with sand. In the end, I was both intrigued and frostbitten.

Over the weekend, Derek’s story dominated my thoughts the way a teenage boy thinks about sex, constantly yet silently. I was deeply skeptical, but I thought it was fun going to psychics and fortunetellers. Derek and I, as well as other members of Melissa’s family, had gone to spiritual practitioners in the past. I was never impressed and thought every one of them to be a fraud. Nevertheless, I continued to try new ones for the entertainment of it and always with a spec of hope that I might find one with a genuine gift.

Because my curiosity teased me, I finally phoned Derek’s psychic medium on the last day of our stay. Her name is Vicki. It was Sunday so I really didn’t expect she would see me; but it was worth making the call because not knowing if she was legitimate was toying with my sanity. I was taken by surprise when she said I could come to her home at four o’clock that afternoon. I booked the appointment and hung up the phone.

I immediately regretted making the appointment. Melissa and I weren’t rolling in greenbacks at the time, so I had a sense that I was wasting the money it was going to cost for the one-hour reading. I expected this Vicki woman was another fraud adept at firing off generalizations that could pertain to nearly everyone who walked through her door. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe Derek’s story, but I saw him as a “believer;” and being a skeptic, I sometimes wondered if Derek was a bit naïve when it came to such matters. I considered calling Vicki back and canceling the appointment.

Melissa convinced me to not cancel, saying I originally wanted to go so it was important that I keep the appointment. She was confused by my sudden change of mind. I explained my skepticism and she replied by arousing my curiosity again: “What if she really is gifted? Derek said she was. You’ll always wonder unless you go.” I hesitated in thought. “Look,” she said, “You already made the appointment, it would be rude to cancel now.” She was right, of course. I made the decision to go.

The weather that January day had a suspicious change of mood, an April sun with an air of rebirth in the breeze and melting ice. After a refreshing day by the ocean, Melissa and I made the trip to Vicki’s home. As we made the half-hour drive into the countryside, swerving to dodge the ice chunks that hated my Volvo, I vowed not to divulge a single hint about my personality, my work, my marriage, my family, my past or my future goals during conversation with Vicki. “If this woman is truly gifted, she is going to have to prove it,” I demanded. We even decided that Melissa would stay in the car so that Vicki couldn’t visually learn anything about Melissa or deduct any revealing signals about our relationship. I was putting this so-called psychic medium to the test and she was going to have to earn her money without any help from me.

As we drove up the endless gravel driveway, Melissa and I were instantly drenched with envy at the view of Vicki’s postcard farmhouse with an operational barn, horses roaming the fields and children sledding in the snow a short distance away. I avoided the chickens and parked our car so nobody in the house could see Melissa. As I approached the doorway, I met with memories of my past as I heard the children’s voices echo across the snow-glazed fields. I knocked and was immediately greeted by a woman I assumed to be Vicki.

I couldn’t really see her, as the sun was beaming and the front porch entryway was shadowed. She invited me in and I followed her to an in-law apartment attached to the farmhouse. She said it was where her mother lived, but that her mother was away on vacation. It was spacious and clean with that new addition feel to it, and it was furnished with comfortable cozy chairs and a couch. I quickly sat on the first chair I approached as if to seek sanctuary from my fears and uncertainty, trying not to expose my jittery limbs. Finally, I got a look at Vicki.

I was expecting a slightly rotund forty-or-fifty-something-year-old woman wearing a gypsy outfit and sporting a rather large wart on her face. Instead, Vicki was a thin, small-framed thirty-something-year-old, no wart, and wore white jeans and a fleece top. Except for her flaming red locks that fell past her shoulders and framed her entire face—giving her a witches-of-Salem kind of look—she appeared very normal.

My immediate impression was that she was way too young and much too pretty to be a “real” psychic medium. All I could think was, “I might as well just give her my money and leave. This is going to be a complete waste of time.” I figured Vicki read a couple books on developing your psychic abilities or spirit communication and decided it was a good way to make extra cash while she stayed at home with the kids. Now that I saw her and sized her up, I could feel my body language change from hopefully anxious to skeptically aloof.

Since I quickly snapped up the chair, Vicki walked to my left and sat on the couch, rather comfortably I noticed, with her legs bent under her like she was about to watch a movie with the family. I half expected the microwave to ding signaling the popcorn was ready. Her casualness made me feel a tiny bit at ease, but I knew even she sensed my guard was still up. She told me that she didn’t want me to tell her anything about myself, and only to answer her questions with a “yes, no or maybe.” She didn’t want me to add any details or fill-in with information that she was missing, because she would eventually put it all together as the reading progressed.

I had already vowed (to Melissa and myself) not to tell her anything, but I was now more relaxed knowing she wasn’t going to pry. My curiosity was peaked. All I could think was, “What if she’s legit?” And then I quickly caught hold of myself, remembering all the phony psychics and fortunetellers I had visited in the past. I was determined not to let my guard down and get suckered in by her calm-mannered unassuming manipulation.

Within minutes, Vicki was rattling off details about my life that were hard to chalk up to a lucky guess. She told me that she communicates with people’s spirit-guides, “angels if you prefer to call them, but without the wings,” she said. These are spirits, souls, who are “in the light,” and are around each of us to help aid us through life. She said we all have many guides who help us with the different facets of our existence. Some are people we know from this lifetime who have passed on and have made the transition back to the spirit world. Others are souls who did not exist in this lifetime but have been with us in other lifetimes, or at least have been with us in the spirit world between lives.

Vicki talked like a poet. She had this calming tone to her voice where her words flowed from her lips like a violin playing Mozart. I thought to myself how she would be perfect for one of those meditation tapes. But it was more than the sound of her voice; it was also the words she chose,  melodically lyric, bordering on angelic (if you’ll excuse the pun). Yet it didn’t sound phony like someone repeating a poem that they don’t really understand. Vicki’s words came from her heart. And, slowly, they melted my icy apprehension. I couldn’t help but to stop fighting her like a cat in a net and at least listen to what she was saying.

Vicki said that the spirit world is actually “home” to us. I thought this was a comforting notion. “This earthly existence is a temporary place of learning and growing,” she said.

“Much like college?” I jumped in.

“Sure. A little bit like going away to school,” she patiently replied. Vicki explained that, when we die, our souls leave this earthly life of fleshly confinement to go home where we feel free and liberated in the surrounding comfort of God’s light and love.

As nice as it sounded, a lot of this went right over my head like so much mumbo-jumbo. I was somewhat ignorant in this area. And while it was all amusingly interesting to me, I also didn’t know what to make of it. I was still skeptical and was not going to be made the fool. Then she told me that two of my guides were in the room.


I took a deep breath. She identified them as my grandmother (whom she identified by name) and my father (whom she described with accuracy). It was lucky for Vicki that both had died, I thought. How embarrassing it would have been if they were still alive. But they weren’t. Okay, she got lucky. I waited for more evidence.

Vicki said that my grandmother was telling her that I was a big skeptic, a “wanna-believer” who hoped there was an afterlife but needed a lot of proof. “Bingo” on the latter. She told Vicki that they needed to prove to me that my grandmother was really there. She proceeded to name a few of my cousins by their first names. Not bad considering the names she gave were all my grandmother’s grandchildren. She also congratulated me on my new business venture.

Vicki told me that my grandmother was placing white flowers all around me. With this, and the “energy-feeling” Vicki received along with the white flower visual, it was a symbol to Vicki of congratulations relating to something of a business nature, as opposed to a birth or a marriage which would likely be different colored flowers or a different energy-feeling that came with the flower symbol.

I suspected that the congratulations were related to the fact that my new book had been released a couple days prior, but there was no way I was going to give that information to Vicki. Without any hints from me, she eventually did figure out that not only was I having a book published, but also that I had originally self-published this book before a publisher picked it up. She also knew that the book was about a grueling time in my life that involved unfathomable suffering (the book is about my experience during a five-year chronic depression). Since Vicki can also sense the emotion the spirits are feeling, tears rolled down her face as my guides expressed their love and sorrow for me during that five-year struggle. I must confess that I was quite taken by Vicki’s willingness to become so emotionally involved for my benefit.

There are several ways that spirits communicate with Vicki. The first is by allowing her to observe them visually. The second is simply through verbal communication. The only problem with this is that not everything comes through with clarity. It’s like listening to an AM radio station with static. A third means of communication is through the use of symbolic messages where pictures or words are placed in Vicki’s mind telepathically. The fourth way that Vicki receives messages from the spirit world is through sensations in her body. For instance, if a spirit wants Vicki to know that they died from pneumonia but they can’t describe it verbally, Vicki might feel pressure in her lungs and a sensation of suffocation. If they want her to get the message of fear or love, they can cause her to feel either of those emotions or any emotion they need to convey.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s hard not to considering my one-hour reading lasted over three hours. Yes, that was interesting, because once the reading got rolling and I knew for sure that I was communicating with my deceased grandmother and father, I couldn’t just say, “Sorry Vicki, sorry Dad, sorry Gram, but I really can’t afford to talk anymore, so…see ya’ later.” Once the skepticism has been demolished with undeniable evidence, money really doesn’t matter at a time like that. I had no choice. I had to keep going.

And keep going I did, as I mentioned, for three gut-wrenching hours. Vicki wasn’t the only one with tears in her eyes that evening. I bathed in my own tears more than once. I cried when my father apologized through Vicki for what his alcoholism did to our family. I cried when my father told me that one of his proudest moments was watching me play a solo on my saxophone during the middle school band concert. I cried when my father told me to thank my mother for the lilacs she left on his grave (lilacs were his favorite flower). And I cried when my father described the scene at the hospital as he died from lung cancer.

The conversation transported me back to that vivid memory: my mother, my sister, Melissa and I surrounding my father’s hospital bed and holding him tightly as the doctor removed the breathing tube. For ten minutes, but more like an eternity, we watched as he took his last few breaths. We listened as the monitors signaled his vital signs with an emotionless beeping that slowed in rhythm as his soul escaped the confines of his cancerous flesh. When my mother twice burst into a panicked wailing of tears at the realization that her life-long best friend was leaving her forever, the monitor’s beeping escalated as if to say, “I’m sorry honey, I will try to stay for you a little longer.” Upon realizing how difficult her crying was making it for him, my mother gained control of herself and the beeping slowed once again. Then she did this two more times, and my father attempted to hang on with each fit of tears. After my mother calmed down, my father’s face lost all color and then turned a grayish blue. His chest, previously the only evidence of life and movement, became motionless. And when that hidden source of energy, that which we call life, had obviously left his worn-out body, Mom hugged Dad one last time like she was never going to let him go. At the age of fifty-nine, my mother had become a lonely widow.

Hearing Vicki communicate my father’s words to me was a gift beyond monetary value. My mouth was silent, but my eyes spoke chapters as tears of happiness and love journeyed from my heart to my cheeks. She relayed to me my own thoughts, the exact words of my prayers that my father had heard and was now repeating back to me. He even suggested an occasional frustration with me for not acknowledging his presence when I surely knew he was with me. To not weep, to not become wholeheartedly enveloped within my memories of him, I would have had to be dead myself. The experience was so much more than poignant; it was a moment engraved in time.

After two emotional hours, and in a moment of realization, I remembered Melissa was waiting in the car. Being that it was January in New England, the sun goes down by 4:30 p.m. and the frigid cold returns even on the sunniest of days. It was about 6:00 p.m. when I suddenly looked at my watch. Vicki must have been confused when, panic stricken, my eyes widened and I jumped from my seat.

“Oh my God, my wife is waiting in the car. Can I get her? Will this disrupt the reading? My father and grandmother won’t go away will they?”

Vicki assured me that there would be no disruption, and she was immediately concerned about Melissa. To my surprise, I ran out to the car but it was empty. Confused, I went back into the house. When I saw one of Vicki’s children, I asked if he had seen Melissa. Apparently, Vicki’s husband, Bret, had kindly invited Melissa out of the cold car to join him and their four children in the warm house. Bret and Melissa were having a nice visit when I interrupted to have her join the reading. Melissa had no idea what she was about to experience.

Vicki and I quickly gave Melissa the Reader’s Digest version of what had occurred so far in the reading. We told her who was present in the room and mentioned a few snippets of information that related specifically to her; for one, that my father had instructed me to thank her for the candles she lights every morning upon waking me up. He said he loved the “ambiance” of the candles. Then he joked, “Imagine me using a word like ‘ambiance?'” It was true; my father had the look of a ruggedly handsome movie star but the vernacular of a truck driver. For him to use a word like ambiance would have sounded funny. We all laughed at my father’s modesty. It was typical of his character to make fun of himself.

Secondly, my father wanted me to inform Melissa that he particularly likes the vanillacandles that she frequently burns. With that said, and within only moments of her arrival, Melissa had tears trickling down her cheeks and into the corners of her mouth. Either her protective wall of skepticism wasn’t as rock-solid as my own, thereby not requiring an hour of unmitigated evidence to tear it down, or she trusted my assertion that Vicki’s gift was real when I hurriedly explained the situation to her while leading her from Bret’s company to the in-law apartment where Vicki waited. Regardless, Melissa was quick to understand that she was witnessing an event that would forever change both my life and her own. And she was understandably sentimental about our reunion with my father whom she had known since she was just twelve years old, when we first began dating.

After the third hour, which included additional messages from both Melissa’s guides and my own, Vicki’s energy was observably spent. Still, it was equally obvious that the reading was as gratifying for her as it was life-changing for us. No one wanted the night to end and we continued to talk for about an hour, mostly with Vicki enlightening us as we fired off the multitude of questions that had exploded in our thoughts during the reading. Eventually, it was time to go. It was eight o’clock on a Sunday night and Vicki’s children had not eaten, although Bret saved the day by arriving with pizza as we said our goodbyes.

The two-hour ride home was unusually quiet as Melissa and I pondered the dreamlike events of the last few hours. Melissa broke the silence by admitting she was “feeling a little creeped-out,” not sure she would ever feel comfortable again while getting undressed. “Who knows who might be watching?” she joked with a touch of concern in her voice. I assured her that any spirits around us would surely be polite enough not to look, and that issues of the flesh were not likely to have any effect on them in the spirit world anyway. I think my words comforted her, but now she had me thinking about it. As I continued to contemplate the reading, it was evident that this insightful milestone was triggering more questions than it had answered. And all the way home, and all during that sleepless night, my mind kept returning to one assertive thought: “This is the beginning to an incredible book!”

While I absorbed myself into a three-year investigation of mediums, psychics and near-death experiences in order to write this book, and have, as a result, launched myself into an entirely new career, I must admit that I wondered if this book would ever be completed or if it was just a catalyst to send me on a new journey. What I discovered, due to my newfound insight, was that the journey is far more important than the destination itself. But I’m really happy that I did finally finish this book.

With that said, I should emphasize that this book is not really about mediums; it is about opening our minds to the possibilities. Just the fact that we are in human form and not spirit form sets us up to be ignorant in our knowledge of how the Universe works. I use the word “ignorant” to mean “having a lack of insight,” not with the negative connotation that so many people use it these days. And due to our inherent ignorance, we must look beyond what is obvious to us, obvious when using our limited five senses, to understand alternative ways for achieving health, happiness and abundance during our lifetime.

For myself, it required a medium to teach me how narrow-minded I was and to guide me toward a path of greater enlightenment. I’m still ignorant in so many ways, but I’d like to believe I’m a little more enlightened just by the fact that I’m seeking my truth and not letting others dictate it for me. Understand, however, that a medium is just one vehicle. There are many others. For you, it could be astrology, numerology, yoga, dance, dowsing, meditation, astral projection, hypnotic regression, dreamwork, breathwork or religion. The possible vehicles are endless. The results are all very similar: they lead us on a journey toward increased enlightenment.

We do not all need a medium in our lives. And we certainly should not grow dependent on one. Yet, if my story intrigues you in the least, I recommend the experience, especially if you’re a skeptic. If there is one lesson I’ve learned in the last three years studying mediums, it is that people do not become “believers” from hearing another person’s story. Rather, we grow to become “knowers” from our own personal experiences.