A Lesson In Communication Discovered In The New Year

A Lesson In Communication Discovered In The New Year

by Bob Olson

I don’t know about you, but New Year’s resolutions just make me feel bad. It’s like setting myself up for failure. If I was really disciplined enough to exercise everyday and cut down on my coffee intake, wouldn’t I be doing it already? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the health clubs and diet pill companies that started this whole resolution thing in the first place. It certainly wasn’t the cigarette and alcohol companies.

But since it’s traditional to make a resolution, I’m going to make an effort to communicate better. I thought I was a pretty good listener, but I’ve recently learned that listening is only half the battle. Communication is also about paying attention to our surroundings.

My wife, Melissa, and I recently purchased a new slipcover for our loveseat. While picking out the new slipcover, Melissa asked me what style I preferred. I told her I like the kind that isn’t fitted to the cushions because I’m tired of tucking the slipcover around each cushion every time I walk by the loveseat. Melissa looked at me kind of cross-eyed.

“What are you talking about, Bob?” she responded. “The slipcover we have now isn’t fitted. For three years I’ve been untucking the slipcover every time I walk by the loveseat!

Of course, the whole thing was my fault since the slipcover wasn’t supposed to be tucked-in in the first place. But I learned a valuable lesson in communication. Now I’m wondering if the shower curtain is supposed to be on the inside or the outside of the tub. Is it possible that we’ve both been watering the plants? That might explain why they’re dying. And how about the door to the guest room? Maybe it isn’t closing by itself after all. Could it be she doesn’t want the cats in there?